Professor Nivedita Menon Tells JNU Students That India Has Illegally Occupied Kashmir

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8:12 pm 27 Feb, 2016

How do you see India? Depends on which school of thought you come from. If you are someone from JNU, of the staunch Leftist ideology, you will most probably be someone who sees India from the point of view of Western powers, like Nivedita Menon – a professor of political thought at JNU.


Nivedita Menon (1)

The world also believes that India is a third world country. So should we start thinking of ourselves like that too?



Nivedita Menon (2)

The world says that European countries should open its doors to all migrants. How many of them are doing that? Whether or not a land is part of the country is a matter of that country and the people of that land, not Europeans, Americans or Western players.



Nivedita Menon (3)

The different kind of Indian map is a disputed one. And in that map, too, Kashmir is shown as part of India. Will we now see India’s map from how the Western publications show? What about Pakistan then?



Nivedita Menon (4)

We must think about what US and Europe want us to think about? Are we still a colony? The Kashmir issue can be solved by India, Pakistan and Kashmiris alone, not Washington or London.



Nivedita Menon (5)

Who will decide what is legitimate for India? The West? And whose call for ‘aazadi’ are we talking about here? Kashmiris or terrorists? A clear distinction must be made.



Nivedita Menon (6)

That ‘someone’ could be a nefarious element posing as Kashmiri. Instead of addressing the core issue, should India be pondering about its image in the West and not in the eyes of its own people?


It is sad that teachers in such prestigious institutions teach politically divisive, ill-informed (often falsified) and misleading versions of India’s socio-political history. No wonder JNU produces supporters of Afzal Guru and elements who raise slogans calling for India’s destruction.

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