‘Nirbhaya Science Museum’ Is Still In Shambles, Awaits Funds

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4:23 pm 2 May, 2016

It’s nearly three and a half years since the infamous Nirbhaya rape case took place and the nation was left aghast with the brutality that took place that night.

Since then a lot of initiatives have been taken for the betterment of the women in India keeping  ‘Nirbhaya’ in mind.

One such initiative was renaming the The Children’s Resource Centre Museum in Delhi to ‘Nirbhaya Museum’ in February 2013.


Nirbhaya Children Museum in South Delhi HT

Nirbhaya Children Museum in South Delhi HT

The Museum that was initially inaugurated in 1987 is now termite infested, with many of its exhibits crumbling and has more or less become a small and lesser known children’s science museum.

Located in a corporation school building in Delhi’s RK Puram Sector 6, the museum itself is on its way to becoming a relic itself.



Nirbhaya Museum in South Delhi HT

The place, that was in shambles even in 2013, was to be given a makeover by the civic agency who had also promised to earmark Rs 20 crore for its renovation.

It is now over three years since that promise was made and the museum is not only still in shambles but its condition reveals a very saddening tale of empty promises that we so often see.


File Photo of the Museum in 2013 India Today

File Photo of the Museum in 2013 India Today

The staff over the years have tried their very best to cover up the spots that are damaged by termites, but even the roof of the museum now has lost patches at many places which are very evident when one walks in.

With the promised sum now not coming, the staff is preparing a detailed project reports so as to woo other government agencies and corporate funds.

When questioned about such sorry state of affairs, Subhash Arya, Leader of the House, SDMC said

“We will approach Union ministers for funding this project through corporate social responsibility…I will (also) look into the records of whether the compensation has been given or not. If not, we will go and give the money to the family.”

When questioned about the sorry state of the museum, Badrinath Singh, Nirbhaya’s father said: “On February 6, 2013, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation announced it will name its science museum for children in RK Puram after my daughter. We were called to the civic centre and announcement about the renaming and developing the museum was made. However, nothing has happened.”


Nirbhaya's parents Badrinath Singh and Asha Devi India Today

Nirbhaya’s parents Badrinath Singh and Asha Devi India Today

Furthermore even the money (Rs 5 lakh each) that the three Delhi Mayors had promised as compensation, has not reached the family.

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