Nipman Foundation Is Helping Those Without Wheelchairs With A Unique Initiative

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10:39 am 15 Nov, 2016

Nipman Foundation is a non-profit organisation which aims to provide health and education facilities to the underprivileged and the people with disabilities.

Each year, this noble foundation organises ‘Nipman Foundation Equal Opportunity’ awards, an initiative to felicitate companies and institutions that promote employment of people with disabilities. This is the third year of this award and ‘Ernst & Young’ is its official tabulator.

The foundation has also incorporated a new initiative – ‘Wheels for Life’. It  is a wheelchair gifting platform which reaches out to people who need wheelchairs but cannot afford them.




Nipun Malhotra, CEO of ‘Nipman Foundation’, was born with arthrogryposis, a rare congenital disorder. But he has been taking initiatives to ensure safety and efficient services for the disabled. He lobbied with the Delhi Government to exempt the disabled from the odd–even car rule. He introduced wheelchair access filters in restaurant listings on ‘Zomato’ and even supervised to make wheelchairs accessible at Jaipur Literature Festival, 2016.

This year the number of participants have increased phenomenally and 21 companies and organisations have registered for the award which includes Cisco System India (Bangalore), IBM Pvt Ltd India (Bangalore), A Raymond Fasteners India Pvt Ltd (Maharashtra), Aegis Limited (Maharashtra) and many others.

Kalki Koechlin, a supporter of this foundation, said:

“In our country we have 2.1% of our population with disabilities and unfortunately, a lot of these people don’t get employed even when they have the required skill sets, abilities and qualification only because of lack of awareness and prejudices. So it’s really great that this award is happening.”

The jury members for this award ceremony includes Dr Rajiv Kumar, Former Secretary General, FCCI & Economist; George Abraham, Founder, Score Foundation; Jawaharlal Kottur, Director, CII; Karuna Nandy, Lawyer & Human Rights Activist; Mahima Kaul, Public Policy Head, Twitter.

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