Two Union Ministers Lock Horns Over Shooting Of 200 Nilgai In Bihar

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4:26 pm 9 Jun, 2016

In Bihar, 200 Nilgai or blue bulls were shot in the last six days.

Women and Child Development minister Maneka Gandhi, who is also an animal right activist, condemned the killing and said an endangered species has been compromised.

She targeted Environment Ministry and said:

“For the first time, a massacre of this scale has been allowed. The Environment Ministry is writing to all states asking for a list of animals whose killing should be sanctioned, and promising to allow that.”


However, the environment minister Prakash Javedkar said that they took action as per the law. 

Javedkar said, “The laws require that if a state says its farmers are being adversely impacted, the centre’s acquiescence is required, and the sanction (to kill) has limited validity.”


A JDU leader Neeraj Kumar, who organized the licensed hunt in the Mokama district, said the blue bull menace was destroying farmers year after year and it is needed.


The permit to shoot the blue bulls is valid till November in 31 in Bihar’s 39 districts.


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