A Lost Overgrown Sheep Sets New Record With 42 Kgs Of Wool Yield!

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6:51 pm 3 Sep, 2015

Wool, wool, everywhere!

A lost, overgrown sheep was shorn in Australia, probably for the first time. The sheep, named Chris, yielded 42 kilograms of wool. No kidding!

Chris was found several kilometers from the nearest sheep farm near Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary (Australia).

Champion shearer Ian Elkins said that the bulky Australian merino sheep appeared to be in good condition after being separated from his huge fleece under anesthetic, reports Indian Express.

The anesthetic was used because of he was stressed by the human company and because of the potential pain from the heavy fleece tearing his skin as it fell away.


Ian Elkins said:

“I don’t reckon he’s been shorn before and I reckon he’d be five or six years old. I wouldn’t say its high quality, but you wouldn’t expect it to be running around in the bush that long unshorn”

It seems that Chris has smashed all previous records.

The previous record holder was New Zealand’s hermit sheep, Shrek, who was shorn of 27 kilograms of wool in 2004.

It took him six years to grow his massive wool.


The Canberra chief executive of Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (RSPCA), which rescued the  sheep, said that Chris will find a new home after vets give him an all-clear.


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