12 Situations You Face When You’re A Newbie At Your Workplace

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6:00 pm 2 Sep, 2015

You are starting a new job in an office. This very thought gives you butterflies in your stomach; about meeting new people, adjusting in the new environment and keeping the boss impressed.

You face many issues and challenges apart from being super excited about your job. Even after giving your best, you should never ever expect any praise because that’s what you cannot get in the first few weeks of your joining. But with time there is always a hope of things getting better and turning out in a good way.

Here are few things that happen when you join a new office.


1. Alien invasion…alert! (omom om ommmm)

People stare at you, and try to analyze you. At one point you start feeling like an alien.

Oh my God, who am I?


2. After wikihow, its time for wikiwhere *face palm*

You don’t know where you belong. Where is my desk? Where is my system? What all do I have to do?


3. Is there something on my face?

Oh no! They stare you from left to right, tip to toe and pretty much everywhere.

You end up cleaning your face, nose, lips and everything.


4. Now what?

Office to aa gaye, ab kya? You get appointed after rounds of interviews and…then what?

You don’t know what’s next.


5. The tricky training

No matter how much they explain to you, you always end up knowing nothing. New software, working style, work space, gadgets and the whole new compatibility issues.

6. Hunger pangs…grrrrrrrrr

You are hungry and you know your mum has packed your favorite dish.

Should I open my tiffin? What will they think? Am I the only one who needs food? When is it lunch time?

7. I want friends; yes people, at least one please!

You crave for people, you want friends over there. You look up to every colleague thinking he/she will come and talk to you.


8. Oh Jesus!  I exist *shocked*

If by any chance somebody comes up and talks to you, your gloomy world blossoms automatically.


9.Technical, non-technical, social, anti-social and everything.

On the first day itself, you are suppose to be the master of everything.

10. I miss mommy!

Suddenly you realize the worth of your home, parents and everything. You miss the comfort of your home.

These itchy seats are no comparison with my comfy sofas.

11. I want to go home.

One eye at work (if any), the other one at the watch. You keep a track of time (each minute, second, nano second…)

Just to go back to your world.

12. Not that bad. 

As the time goes by, you start adjusting in the environment. You have good chats with your colleagues and start liking them to some extent. After all, they are the ones with whom you are going to spend the maximum hours of a day.



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