19 Things About New Love That Are Just Perfect

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12:00 pm 12 Dec, 2015

No matter how hard you try, the happiness of being in love cannot be concealed, not at least for the first few days. There’s a spark in every meeting, there’s cuteness in every text, and there’s pleasure in every small touch.

There are so many things that make it look just so perfect. For new lovers – we’re sure you will know exactly what we’re talking about from these 19 things mentioned below:


1. OMG! That feeling when you see each other and your stomach churns with butterflies.

Isn’t it exciting to wait for the next meeting? And when you finally meet, OMG, the emotions just overflow!


2. How you read their texts a zillion times a day.

You just can’t get enough of reading their texts. And every word in those texts seems very meaningful to you.


3. The thrill of knowing someone new and interesting feels awesome.

From talking about their childhood stories to sharing your future plans about career and life, it’s all you wanna do all of the time.


4. All the silly questions that bother you just before meeting them.

Will he hold my hand, or put his arm around me?

Will she be OK if I kiss her?


5. Their scent won’t leave you alone, anywhere you go.

You will start having the whiff of their perfume or cologne when they are not with you.


6. You keep boasting about your love to your friends all the time.

It’s the only thing you do with friends, sometimes even annoying them out of their wits for talking so much about your boyfriend or girlfriend.


7. There are going to be many firsts.

Your first kiss, your first date or your first night together. Your every first milestone together will be a reason for celebrating.


8. You think of them every time you listen to or watch any song or movie they like.

And then you send them a small cute text, telling them how much you miss them.


9. You just love introducing them to the things you like.

You feel good if they agree to watch a movie you’ve been waiting for. You take shopping trips together, you watching TV together and so on.


10. You suddenly like indulging in PDA.

You may normally dislike the couples who show PDA, but with your new relationship, it really feels good to hold hands, hug or give a small kiss on the cheeks.


11. Whatever they do, you find it very interesting.

You find them very fascinating, you just don’t get tired of listening to them night and day. In fact, you want to keep talking to them for hours. The hardest part is hanging up the call because you don’t want to do it.


12. You won’t mind disagreeing.

You listen to everything they say with complete enthusiasm and honesty. You may have a different take on what they are saying. But you just don’t care and you sincerely want to understand their point.


13. You want to look perfect every time you meet your new love.

You prefer not repeating the same outfit. You think a lot of what you should wear the next time you see him/her. You even try to dress up according to your new partner’s preferences, in order to get those words of adulation.


14. Sharing common interests is a pretty nice feeling.

It is always great to know that you and your partner have some things in common like same birth place, same favorite movie or song or any food item you crave.

You won’t hesitate to dance in the rain to your favorite tunes.


15. It’s the same with the dislikes you both share.

Discovering the things you both hate is fun. It boosts up your spirits and connects you deeply.


16. You don’t mind their peculiar habits (not initially at least).

You may find they have some really weird habits but it doesn’t seem to bother you for the first few months at least. You only wish to take care of them and forgive them easily.


17. Making mental notes of their favorite things.

You consciously create a list of what they like and then plan to surprise them with something nice later.


18. If they’re coming home, you’ll probably stay awake all night to clean the house and make it look spic and span.

You clean your apartment and decorate everything before they arrive. You want to leave a good impression on them. You thoroughly enjoy doing it.


19. The anticipation of what-is-next?

You live with a certain percentage of anxiety – will it last or not? Is the other person willing to commit or not? But when you’re together, these things just take a backseat.


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