10 Signs You Can Never Be ‘Just Friends’ With Her

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8:13 pm 11 Jan, 2016

With a wild tangibility in her touch she held your frosty hands and you walked together, enveloped in the aroma of romance. She kept silent while your feelings squealed with eagerness. All you wanted to know was whether this unspoken bond will find its space in the pages of forever love. She gently stopped you, looked into your eyes and said without realizing the gravity of the moment, “We would be really good friends”. You restlessly whispered, “Never. We would never be just friends”.


1.Your intimacy level with her is just too high.

Your emotional quotient gripped with her sensuousness magnetize you to her. You not only care about her but also deeply feel for her. Whenever you hold her, craziness bounds your helpless mind and you just want to be with her till eternity.


2. You share things with each other, that go beyond the ‘friends’ tag.

Yes, they are friends with whom you share ‘something’ and with some, you share ‘everything’.  You restlessly want to express every thought of love you ever experienced to her, knowing that she would understand it without an inch of doubt.

3. When you guys talk, it appears that your hearts are talking.

Everytime you talk to her, you are looking for different ways to bring ‘love’ and ‘feelings’ into the conversation. Fortunately, both of you enjoy such tempting talks.


4. You have an uncontrollable craving to know the depth of her emotions.

You are always pushing the boundaries of those ‘intense’ talks with her. You want to know her in a way that nobody ever could. You tear those curtains of shyness, as her soul whispers her deepest insecurities.

5. You often fantasize about kissing her.

You are sexually attracted to her and your have accepted it gracefully. You often imagine pausing in the midst of those beautiful conversations and tickling her neck, and giving her a kiss.



6. From the very beginning, it started with love.

Just a few days of friendship was enough for you to create a sublime bond and with every passing day, the feelings multiplied. As time passed, you could not control yourself from spending time together.


7. And yes, she makes you mad, all the time.

She rules your mind as if she owns it. Whenever a love song is played, she dances to its tune and her memories divert you with beautiful echos.

On your every happy and sad moment, silently in that reserved corner of your mind, you remember her with your truest emotions.


8. You are immediately affected by whatever happens in her life.

Her life is connected with you in many ways. Her joys, sorrows, and fears have become yours.

9. A healthy relationship is the only bond you two can ever share together. 

You are already connected to her so deeply that it is impossible to be just friends. A relationship is a must to take your connection forward and be true to your feelings.


10. If at all you guys break-up, you will respect each other but that inseparable connection will never revive.

After the break-up, you will never be able to talk for hours under those shades of love. You will pray for each other’s happiness but would never be a part of that happiness.



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