Israeli PM Cancelled Dinner Plans At Restaurant Because Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif Was There

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4:13 pm 2 Oct, 2015

Though this development has nothing to do with India, what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did in New York would nevertheless be much appreciated by Indians.

Of course, India and Israel’s diplomatic ties are no secret. The two countries, perhaps, trust each other more than they trust anyone else. In fact, Israel is so close to India that it also maintains a very good distance from the latter’s enemies (read Pakistan).

It is, therefore, no surprise to know that Netanyahu cancelled a dinner reservation at a posh restaurant in New York when he learned that Sharif too will be dining there.

According to the New York Post, Netanyahu’s cancelled the reservation at popular eatery Serafina Always in midtown area because of “security reasons” after learing about Sharif’s attendance.

The Pakistani premiere dined at the restaurant with his wife and an entourage of 10 for three hours on Tuesday night.


Citing a source the report says that Netanyahu has the best security in the world, “but one can assume that it wouldn’t make sense for him to be at a restaurant at the same time as Sharif”.

Israel and Pakistan have no diplomatic relations. In 2014 Sharif had criticised Israel about the Gaza conflict saying that “world must stop Israel from this naked and brutal aggression”.

At the same time Israel’s relations with Pakistan’s neighbour India are an example of strong diplomatic bonding. Israel has, time and again, assisted India more than just strategically.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif would go on to hurl a Kashmir salvo at India during his speech in the UN General Assembly the next day unleashing a war of words with India.

As expected, India responded to his allegations in very strong words and reminded Sharif of where the “terror breeding grounds” lay.

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