This Shocking Revelation By Neil Nitin Mukesh Made Twitteratis Go Crazy

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1:11 pm 9 Oct, 2016

Remember the last time, when Neil Nitin Mukesh made an announcement of being approached for a role in “Game of Thrones”. His announcement made GOT fans go crazy and that resulted in silly memes like the one below:



Well, you need to believe us, that was NOTHING!

Recently, Neil has taken it to a completely new level and has shared a shocking revelation. People are seriously going crazy about it. So, he shared that his mother wants to be his girlfriend in the next birth and the reason for this desire is that he is very romantic!



Insane, right?

This is what he exactly told the source,

“OMG! I am the most romantic person probably in the world. I enjoy doing grey characters because in personal life I am totally opposite. My mom once told me that she wants to be born as my girlfriend in the next birth because she sees me how I am, I am extremely expressive and she loves me for that. Without love, I feel lost.”

Seems as if he has taken that ‘Game of Thrones’ thing really seriously!

Well, the Twitter couldn’t digest this at all. Take a look at some absolutely hilarious tweets with regards to Neil’s statement.







Dear Neil, the next time you think about making any statement, please do think a hundred time!

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