Did NDMC Silently Conduct A Survey To ‘Remove’ Stray Dogs From Their ‘Homes’?

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5:22 pm 2 Nov, 2015

Early Monday morning, a Delhi based NGO, Friendicoes SECA, sent out a message on their Facebook page requesting their followers to send a “N11” (No) message to the phone number 9225592255, as it was asking the residents of New Delhi, if NDMC should “remove” strays from their “homes” and put them in sanctuaries or dog pounds.

Before we start, let us inform you that according to Rule 6 and Rule 7 of The Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001, it is illegal to kill or relocate stray dogs as relocating them tends to interfere in area-wise animal birth-control plans.

Furthermore, the local Municipalities cannot just pick up dogs because a person doesn’t like dogs in their area; rather a citizen may only report what they perceive as a nuisance to the municipal authorities and the municipality in turn is required maintain an animal pound for animals and introduce them to a sensible sterilization program instead.

Since 1992, it became illegal for municipalities to kill stray dogs and the Delhi High Court has since then specifically forbidden the killing of stray dogs.

Also, once the dogs that have been complained about have been sterilized and immunized, they are to be left back at the locations that they were picked up from.

While looking at the above laws, one can see that the above survey toed the line, it must be noted that they didn’t break the law by asking the question itself.

But even so, what made the matter worrisome for animal lovers was the fact that this survey seemed to have been conducted by the municipality itself, the message read:

“NDMC NewDelhi Smart City
Should NDMC relocate stray dogs to sanctuaries?
Please send response as NDMC Y11 or NDMC N11 to 9225592255

While at this point we cannot say for certain that New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) was itself involved in this survey, we spoke to Friendicoes President Amanda Seth over the phone and she told us that the issue was brought to their notice by many local residents who told them that they had been receiving this message for the past couple of days.

Thinking pro-actively, the NGO thus decided to spread the message so that such cruelty, doesn’t take place.

Back in September 2015, PTI reported that NDMC was alarmed at the increasing number of complaints about stray dogs in their area, and according to their data till then, the municipality had sterilized and immunized over 2,000 stray canines since April 2014 and had spent over Rs 14 lakh in the process.

The report had further stated NDMC’s growing concern about the stray dog problem in their area, in which Dr. Pramod Kumar, Medical Superintendent of NDMC Veterinary Hospital, had said:

“We caught and sterilized a total of 2,016 dogs since April 2014, including 903 in past three months. There has been a rise in the number of complaints and we have spent Rs 14,11,200 in the sterilisation and immunisation process during the period. We got over 600 complaints in the past three months from residents in NDMC areas about presence of stray dogs.”

Early this afternoon, even TY sent out a message to the given number so see if we got any response, but it seems by that time, the survey had been disbanded and we got absolutely no response from the other end.

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