After Nawaz Speech, India Hits Back At Pakistan And Blames It For Sponsoring Terrorism

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6:37 pm 1 Oct, 2015

Speaking in the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif again raised the Kashmir issue.

He proposed the four-point peace initiative with India, which includes demilitarisation of the borders at both Siachen and Kashmir.

He added that the issue of Kashmir can only be resolved if peaceful dialogue is renewed between India and Pakistan, along with consultations with Kashmiris.


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Stressing that Kashmiris are an integral part of this issue, Sharif alleged that they have seen broken promises and brutal oppression from the Indian side.

He added that after assuming power, his top priority was to normalise relations with India. “Cooperation, not confrontation, should define our relationship,” he said.

In his speech Nawaz said that Pakistan faces the problem of terrorism because of repeated terrorist attacks on its soil.

Reacting to Sharif’s Kashmir remark and ‘victim of terrorism’ wordplay, spokesperson for India’s External Affairs Ministry Vikas Swarup, in a series of tweets, blamed Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism.

He also accused the country for giving cover to terrorists while crossing the Line of Control.

In an official statement India cautioned the world about the consequences of terrorism originating from Pakistan.

The statement also said that Pakistan is not the primary victim of terrorism but of its own polices.

It blamed Islamabad for turning Pakistan into a breeding ground of terrorists which has now created a problem in their own home.

About the allegations levelled by Sharif over the ceasefire violations on the Line of Control, India counter argued that the primary reason for firing from the Pakistani side is to provide cover to terrorists crossing the border.

“It needs no imagination to figure out which side initiates this exchange.”

Just two days ago, CNN-IBN telecasted a video from Pak-Occupied Kashmir which showed how Pakistani establishment is using brutal force to silence the voices of its people.


The Pakistan government, however, denied these allegations and raised questions about the authenticity of video.

Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary Aizaz Chaudhry said, “It’s propaganda. Pakistan has always raised its voice for Kashmiris. The whole world is watching how Pakistani flags are being raised in Kashmir (Indian side). From our side, it will only be political, moral and diplomatic support for them.”


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