Navy Issues ‘Highest State Of Alert’ After Suspicious Men Carrying Guns Were Spotted In Uran

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6:32 pm 22 Sep, 2016

The Western Naval Command has issued a high alert along the Mumbai coast after some suspicious persons carrying guns were spotted near a Naval facility in Uran.

PTI reported that the Western Naval Command (WNC) issued “the highest state of alert” along the Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and Raigad coasts. The WNC has roped-in the police and Coast Guard also for the task.


According to authorities, four school students spotted a group of people dressed in military uniform similar to that of Indian Army near Uran and Karanja area.

One of the children talked about one man but the other reported having seen five men around 7 am, their faces covered and speaking a different language.

Sources told NDTV that ‘ONGC’ and ‘school’ were two words that the children overheard the men saying.

The Navy, sources say, is treating the information very seriously and has launched efforts to secure all bases. “We cannot overlook anything at this point,” a senior officer said.

Uran is about 50 km from Mumbai. In November 2008,  166 people were killed when landmarks in the city were attacked by  terrorists who came by sea.

Indian Navy Chief PRO Capt D K Sharma, the search operation is going on along with Maharashtra police after the matter came to light.


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