Adi Sankaracharya Birth Anniversary As National Philosophers’ Day?

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12:23 pm 30 May, 2016

Narendra Modi-led government is considering to celebrate birth anniversary of ancient sage Adi Sankaracharya– which falls on May 11– as National Philosophers’ Day.

Minister of State for Culture Mahesh Sharma said, “We have received the proposal. We are considering it.”


The proposal was sent by an NGO Navodayam linked to RSS members.

They have further asked to include Sankaracharya’s philosophy in school curriculum to  strengthen idea of ‘Rashtra Bharat’.



Sankaracharya, who was born in Kaladi near Kochi in 788 AD, believed in the philosophy of self as the absolute reality.


The absolute reality is the sole cause, creator and consumer of the universe. Also, Sankara is famous for his theory of Maya, according to him is the charismatic power that creates the world.


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