‘Nat Geo Girl’ Sharbat Gula Might Be Deported To India On Afghanistan’s Request

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12:05 pm 9 Nov, 2016

Nat Geo ‘s famous green-eyed girl Sharbat Gula is likely to end up India as she is facing deportation from Pakistan.

Gula, who last week back was arrested in Pakistan, had recently expressed her desire to be deported out of the country.

According to TNN might be deported to India, after Afghanistan expressed their desire that she be sent to India so as to get treatment in India for her Hepatitis C.


Gula is an Afghan refugee who three decades back became famous after she featured on the cover of National Geographic magazine.

Gula, who is famously known as the “The Afghan Girl” was arrested in Pakistan last week and was later granted bail for a sum of one lakh rupees.

While Pakistan authorities offered to keep her in Pakistan, she refused and now the Afghan authorities have reached out to India, informally asking them if she could undergo treatment in India.

Though India’s decision is not yet known, reports suggest that the Indian government is still waiting to get a formal request from Afghanistan before they announce their decision.


Further looking at India and Afghanistan’ s good relations, many believe it’s unlikely that Gula will be refused entry in India.

Gula was arrested by the Pakistan authorities last week after they rounded up refugees in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province who had got illegal Pakistani identity cards.

But Gula had retained her Afghan passport as well and was thus arrested on charges of fraud by a special immigration court in Pakistan.

The court sentenced her to 15 days in prison along with a fine of over 1 lakh Pakistani rupees.

They had then ordered that she be deported on November 9, but few days later the provincial government reversed the deportation order and said that she can decide if she wants to stay in Pakistan.

Gula had first became famous when in 1985 her piercing green eyes glared out of a National Geographic cover and later became the face of humanitarians.

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