It’s Embarassing That Narendra Modi Can’t Stop Invading World Leaders’ Space

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7:32 pm 30 Jan, 2016

The thing about being Modi is that perhaps he is too used to being in-your-face all the time. With the massive positive publicity surrounding everything he does, he’s gotten too used to doing just what he wants. While that might fly in some situations, it turns others into awkward, awkward moments.


1. With Obama, it seems to be an unrequited romance as Modi always looks way happier to put his arms around the American president than Obama seems to be while receiving these hugs.


2. Mufti Mohammed Sayeed seems to have been caught unawares. Look at that expression on his face.


3. Imagine being Zuckerberg; getting hugged like this and getting pushed like that.


4. Dear Mr Modi, hugging François Hollande from the front AND the back was just too much.


5. Modi doesn’t seem to care about whether the other party wants to be hugged, he just goes in for the kill.


6. Here’s a more welcomed hug.


7. This moment looked like they were going to do way more than hug.


8. Ashok Gehlot, this is what you get when you’re in the Congress party, getting bear hugged to death.


9. Come on! Look at the expression on our PM’s face. What the hell is going on?


10. Did Modi just land a kiss on the side of Mukesh Ambani’s lips?


11. Is Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott trying to protect his private parts?


Enough with spending on publicity and PR, Mr Prime Minister. Now please get a protocol coach or at least a etiquette one.


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