PM Narendra Modi Has Been The Most Active Leader On Twitter In 2014, And Here Are His 52 Most Significant Tweets

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8:00 am 28 Dec, 2014

Narendra Modi has been a very busy man ever since his historic win in the General Elections that catapulted him to the topmost job in our democracy. Apart from his admirable administrative skills, what makes our PM different from all the others who came before him is his ability to connect to the masses directly through an expert use of social media, particularly Twitter. He has made himself quite open and accessible to the people of India by sharing his days with us through the microblogging platform. It is because of this platform that we were able to travel with him on his international tours!

This post is set in reverse chronological order – it begins with a socially relevant tweet he posted during his Varanasi visit and ends with the tweet where he is being blessed by his mother after his phenomenal triumph.


Obama’s gift to Modi:

He has been tweeting for a long time now, but it is from the day above that his tweets started gaining international prominence.

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