Now The Shape Of Someone’s Nails Can Reveal Their Personality To You

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10:23 pm 4 Feb, 2016

There’s been a recent trend in Japan that links your basic personality traits to the shape of your nails. It doesn’t really matter if your nails are long or short; what matters is their basic shape.

Have a look at the chart below, choose the shape of your nail and read on:

types of toe nails


1. Vertically Long : Mild tempered romantic

Since your right brain is more developed, you have a hard time understanding and dealing with people whose left brains are more developed. With you, being highly imaginative and creative goes hand-in-hand with being careful about details. You are easily influenced by external atmosphere and stimuli, which makes it rather easy for people to deceive you. Try being more cautious when it comes to trusting other people.

Vertical long nail


2. Broad Sideways: Short tempered theorist

Your left brain is more developed than the right, which makes you very good with words; no one can beat you when it comes to talking and most people would call you a clear-cut and straight-forward due to this ability.  You tend to look down upon those right-brained people who act more on their emotion than reason. You have a tendency to be impatient and short-tempered; if you don’t try to change that, it can cost you in the long run.

Broad sideways nail


3. Rounded/Egg-shaped: Laid-back pacifist

You are very social and like things to go smoothly. If two people get into a fight, you are the one who will step in to mediate. You have your goals but you go at your own pace and don’t rush into things. You usually get along with most people; you are the one who will introduce your friends to new people. However, be careful to let your friends know that you are reliable otherwise they might not trust you with their secrets.

Rounded Egg-shaped nails


4. Squarish: Serious and hard-headed

Most often, men have these types of nails rather than women. If you have such nails, you are determined and daring. While it isn’t bad to be serious in life, you should try to take some things light-heartedly. Your friends view you as someone who is stubborn and inflexible. It is these traits that cause you the biggest problems in your life. If you could only be a little more easy-going, your life would go a whole lot smoother.

Square shaped nail


5. Triangular/Inverted Triangle: Sensitive genius

People with triangular nails are highly sensitive and don’t like to be around loud-mouthed or untrustworthy people, while people with inverted triangle nails can come across as pushy and over-bearing. Both have a tendency to get annoyed with people who do things at a slow pace. People with these types of nails are the ones who will come up with new ideas and notice the small details that most people miss.

Triangular Inverted Triangle nail


6. Almond-shaped: Faithful and honest

You are a highly imaginative person. You are also very kind, sincere and sensitive towards the needs of others. While you are mostly polite in your dealings with others, you can become short-tempered when faced with people or situations that you disagree with. The art of people-pleasing is lost on you, but it might help your case if you take a moment to breathe the next time you feel you are about to snap.

Almond shaped nail


7. Sword-shaped: Ambitious idealist

You are ready to dig down deep and work very, very hard to achieve your goals. When it comes you meeting your targets there is hardly anything that can hold you back. You are ready to do things you don’t like to get what you want. You also lose patience with people who aren’t as ambitious or driven as you. You tend to lose popular support due to your over-powering drive. Learning to work with others can help you reach your goals faster.

Sword shaped nail


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