8 Ways To Protect Your Mobile From Evil

3:00 am 3 Oct, 2014

I cannot think of a personal device, other than cellphone, which has carried huge prominence in our lives. In fact, I’d challenge anyone today to leave their homes without their mobiles and not return to grab it. That’s what’s happened over the last two decades. Mobiles have become a revolution and everyone wants the latest and the best. And with that need comes a will to protect. So how can you best secure your mobile?

8. Install an antivirus

An antivirus always comes in handy. You’ll never know when a transferred file might be corrupted or carrying a virus. Once it’s in your phone, you’ll have little choice but to format it and lose all your data. There are many antiviruses available on the play store. Just tap and download.

Ways To Protect Your Mobile From Evil

7. Get a protective covering

Always get a case for your phone. It absorbs the mechanical damage and prevents your phone from looking like a scrap piece from a junkyard. More often than not, phone’s stop working because we drop them. No matter what height they fall from, it’s bound to sustain some mechanical damage. An outer cover can prevent something like this from happening and ensure your mobile remains safe.

Ways To Protect Your Mobile From Evil

6. Use a Scratch Guard

It doesn’t matter if your phone is made of Gorilla Glass or Elephant Glass. Everything is susceptible to being damaged. Now you can do a scratch test and feel a little safer, but when the phone’s in your pocket alongside your keys, anything can happen. Get a scratch guard, not just for your phone’s safety but also because it’ll prevent your screen from looking worn out. After a point, visibility becomes a problem too. Replace the scratch guard every six months.

Ways To Protect Your Mobile From Evil

5. Be careful with Bluetooth

Ever entered a mall or shopping complex and received a message via Bluetooth that some connection wants to pair with you to give you the most exciting deals and discounts? If you ever encounter such a situation, make sure not to accept these connections. They could be malicious messages used to track you and your phone’s data. You’ll never know, but it’ll happen. Only pair with trusted devices.

Ways To Protect Your Mobile From Evil

4. Back up your data

Always keep your data backed up on a separate device, which you can transfer back into your phone later. Due to some unforeseen circumstance, you’ll most likely have to format your phone at least once in the time it’s in your possession. All your data will be erased and this is a big problem, especially if you’ve stored a lot of important data on your phone. Keeping a back up is always recommended, for every device you own, not just your phone. 

Ways To Protect Your Mobile From Evil

3. Be cautious with your GPS

The GPS, if active on your phone, keeps a watch over your position at all times. Turning it on means that your data is being recorded by Android and Google. Don’t use the GPS unless you have to, like in situations where you need to navigate. Otherwise, switch off your mobiles’ GPS. It also consumes a ton of battery so that’s another reason you’ll want to make sure it’s off.

Ways To Protect Your Mobile From Evil

2. Use a Mobile tracker

Mobiles often get misplaced, lost or stolen. Installing software which will help locate your mobile device, even when it’s turned off, could prevent it from being stolen and keep it safe. Manufacturers are coming out with in-built software these days which can help with the same (like the I-phone) but some mobiles don’t have them. Search online for a reliable software and get it installed, even if it means paying a small amount for that safety. Would you compare Rs. 300 worth of software with the Rs. 10000+ phone which you might potentially lose?

Ways To Protect Your Mobile From Evil

1. Activate a lock code

It may seem like a simple, mundane statement to make but a lock code goes a long way in protecting your device. Even if your phone’s been stolen, if the thief has no knowledge of hacking (which is usually the case), the phone and its data will remain safe. Privacy is a major concern for most people and losing important information isn’t something you should worry about, in case your phone does happen to be “misplaced”. Keep a minimum of 4-5 numbers as a pin or use facial recognition to lock your phone. It comes in handier than you think.

Ways To Protect Your Mobile From Evil

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