8 Facts About Dawood Ibrahim You Did Not Know

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3:00 am 9 Sep, 2014

Sadly, the world has come to this that even gangsters are featured on a list by Forbes, which classifies them according to their deadliness. We are today talking about the gangster who tops India’s personal list of most wanted men, the one and only “Dawood Ibrahim.”

The mention of his name invokes a tirade of emotions inside every true Indian. Can a human being be so cold that he can order the massacre of other fellow beings for his own personal gains? People like him are rightly called merchants of death. Gangsters can easily be classified into two categories the former always dwell in hiding and live the life of a rat in his hole. And there are others like Dawood that like to live like a king, flaunting their success, money and power to the world. Demanding respect for all the wrong reasons is their favorite pastime.

Let’s read more about him, in order to know and accept that all is not well in this world –

8. The Head of D –Company

Dawood is the man at the top of the largest organized crime syndicate in South East Asia, under the name of D- Company. His major businesses include smuggling of weapons, drugs and all other illegal activities in Asia. He has a huge empire that is spread primarily in Dubai, India and Pakistan.

Things You Did Not Know About Dawood Ibrahim

7. From Humble Beginnings To Most Hated

Born in 1955 in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, little did his parents know that their son will grow up to be the target of hatred of so many fellow countrymen. Ironically, his father was a head constable. He has eleven siblings, but very little is known of all except four.

Things You Did Not Know About Dawood Ibrahim

6. India’s Most Wanted

He has huge stakes in the ship breaking industry and uses his money for smuggling explosives and other contraband goods inside the country. It was the 1993 Bombay blasts that brought the focus of all Indians and authorities on him. He fled the country with family and kin after he was declared India’s Moat wanted Man. He shifted base to UAE.

Things You Did Not Know About Dawood Ibrahim

5. The Sports Connections

Dawood’s daughter Mahrukh Ibrahim, is married to none other than cricketing legend Javed Miandad’s son. The consequences of the wedding were the banning of Miandad in India forever.

Things You Did Not Know About Dawood Ibrahim

4. The US Labeled Him A Global Terrorist

After tracking him for many years and after repeated appeals by India, the US defence finally declared Dawood a global terrorist in 2003. A red corner notice was issued by Interpol and all counties where he was managing his activities were asked to freeze his assets. The US believe that he is also funding the Al-Qaeda.

Things You Did Not Know About Dawood Ibrahim

3. Bollywood’s Obsession With Him

Our filmmakers have been obsessed with this gangster’s life story for a very long time now. Innumerous movies have been made inspired by his gangster ways. Company, D, Black Friday, Shootout at Lokhandwala, Once upon a time in Mumbai and D-Day to name a few. We wonder now, if we got the equation wrong, what if he is so obsessed with himself that he asks directors to make movies on him. Highly Possible!

Things You Did Not Know About Dawood Ibrahim

2.Famous For Wine, Women And Horses

Dawood made it very obvious to all that he was not going to hide and look for cover. His flamboyant lifestyle, his greed for the best was evident to all. Some of the most memorable parties in Bollywood were hosted by him. And they say he loved playing the perfect host, wherein the guest was not given a choice, he had to attend the gala evening. The story goes that he had handpicked the yesteryear heroine Mandakini to be his consort, only never to be seen ever again.

Things You Did Not Know About Dawood Ibrahim

1. Rewards Money of $25 Million

A reward amount of $25 million is riding on his head. Every police force in the world has a look out for him. As expected, the king pin has lost most of his trusted associates in the last decade, including his brothers. It is said that the party maker is in failing health and needs a long line of permissions to even move out of his house.



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