12 Things You’re Tired of Hearing From Your Hometown Uncles & Aunties

10:12 am 9 Nov, 2014

If you grew up in a village, town or a small city, you’ve probably had neighbors who were almost always interested in your life. Some are real well-wishers and like typical relatives and some, more brutal than the bullies you probably had in high school.

Here are a few things your hometown Unclejis & Auntyjis never stop asking when you go back to the place of your dear childhood.

1. Beta Package Kitna Hai?


Stop meddling in my affairs. Will ya?

2. So, when are you getting married?


Just won’t let me live.

Tu naya project manager hai kya?

3.  Salary kab badhegi?


Aur shauk badi cheez hai. You won’t understand!

4.  You look healthy. What have you been eating?


Weight loss, weight gain or no change – neighbors have questions, like always.

5. How much money have you saved?


You’re kidding me, right?

I’m only in my 20s. Why on earth should I be saving anything at all!

6.  What are your plans for the future?

I think I’ll go to US for a couple of years. Or maybe I’ll start a big company soon.

Hell NO.


7.  Party wagairah karte ho lagta hai Dilli/Bangalore jake. Hmm?

Got it!


8.  When will you start investing your money?


It’s just that I believe in short term investments.

9.  Why don’t you do something like so-and-so’s kid?

I’d rather die.


10.  Chutti kab tak hai?


11.  Who was the guy/girl in that photograph with you?


Shit !! Tagged.

12.  Who takes those pretty pictures of yours?

It’s called a selfie, aunty!


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