10 Reasons Why 24 (Season 2) Will Also Be A BIG Hit

3:00 am 10 Sep, 2014

So, are you among those who absolutely loved the first season of 24? Well, we appreciate your choice for watching 24 is far better than watching the never-ending saas-bahu serials that traffic the entire channels running through Indian Television, and we are NOT being judgmental. And, from its phenomenal run in the first season, it is coming back soon for its 2nd go! Are you guys ready for it? Do you think that the series will be able to create another spark in this season too? Well, we think it will, and below are our reasons for the same.

10. Series and Not A Serial

Firstly, for God’s sake, this is a series and not a serial. And, in India, don’t you think we’re in dire need of some series, which we know will have fixed episodes!

Reasons Why 24 (Season 2) Will Also Be A BIG Hit

9. Once In A Year Event

No bullshit dialogues or emotionally exasperating scenes! After watching the heroes and heroines perennially being tried to rip off apart by the villains since times immemorial (well, almost), this series indeed acts as a cool leash of air that comes once a year and rejuvenates us of all the tortures imposed by its peers.

Reasons Why 24 (Season 2) Will Also Be A BIG Hit

8. Anil Kapoor and His Evergreen Good Looks

Have you seen the star cast? Isn’t it brilliant to see the perennial tapori hero of Bollywood turning into a proper sleuth! Isn’t that reason enough for us to watch the series?

Reasons Why 24 (Season 2) Will Also Be A BIG Hit

7. Entry of Rishi Kapoor and Jeetendra

And, it’s not only the tapori but our favorite chocolate hero ever, Rishi Kapoor and Jeetendra will also be seen (in all probabilities) acting in this series. While Rishi Kapoor is again celebrating his 3rd innings at the industry, it’ll be a sheer pleasure to see him acting in television series. And, we shall be more than wowed if Jeetendra decides to appear in the series after having retired from films long ago. Ain’t these reasons enough to love and heart the next season? After all, in India, star cast speaks.

Reasons Why 24 (Season 2) Will Also Be A BIG Hit

6. American Season 2 of 24 A Big Hit

One of the main reason we think it’ll be a hit in the second season too is that we’ve been following the English series of the same title from which this show is adapted. Hence, seeing the popularity of the second season in America, we can all be assured of its tremendous popularity in India too. Well, yes, you’re right; India does have some people left who has some sense in their heads.

Reasons Why 24 (Season 2) Will Also Be A BIG Hit

5. Fans Are Eagerly Waiting For It

Well, as far as sense is concerned, this series is not something that you see and forget. This is something that will stay with you for long. That’ll tickle your mind on and off. Hence, watch it will stimulate all your sensory organs. So, definitely there are people who are waiting eagerly to watch the second season of the show.

Reasons Why 24 (Season 2) Will Also Be A BIG Hit

4. New Innings In Every Episode

It may be a tad bit too slow, but then again, the fact that it shows the happenings of one single day is just zillion times apart of what we Indians are used to see daily. So, again a winner we have, ain’t it?

Reasons Why 24 (Season 2) Will Also Be A BIG Hit

3. Purging Effects On The Watcher

Aristotle said that watching tragedies has a purging effect on our souls, and it replenishes us to face life with a positive zeal. While we cannot really term 24 as a tragedy per se, but it’s a crime series after all. So, in some way or the other, it affects our psychology, our inner being. So, one dose of the series every year is mandatory. Don’t you think so?

Reasons Why 24 (Season 2) Will Also Be A BIG Hit

2. Everything Happening In Real Time

Because there ain’t many series, which is all about 24 episodes listing the happenings about 24 hours! Yes, each episode charts the events occurring in the virtual, in real time. Well, that seems confusing, but, nevertheless, it’s enjoyable and simply a brilliant approach to TV series.

Reasons Why 24 (Season 2) Will Also Be A BIG Hit

1. Action Series Complete In 24 Hours

We love action films, don’t we? Now here we have a nonfiction action series with its own dollops of drama added. And, this is specifically what won around 3.2 million viewers in the country. So, with the new season promising more action and drama, how could it not have wider viewership? Besides, it has already created so much buzz that we’re simply waiting eagerly for the show!

Reasons Why 24 (Season 2) Will Also Be A BIG Hit

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