5 Reasons India Needs A Really Good Samaritan Law

7:00 am 4 Sep, 2014

If you’re among those few who regularly make it a point to watch or listen to the daily news, then you must know that almost on a regular basis, some new bill or the other is making it to the headlines. While some of them are indeed very irritating and some very important, there’s one bill that need to be generated as soon as possible. This is the bill regarding a new Good Samaritan law. After the Nirbhaya Rape Case and many other cases, you all must agree that what India needs at this point of time is a Good Samaritan law. But if you’re still like our honorable politicians, looking for some reasons for the same, read on this list—

5. Because in India Accidents Mean Mere Spectacles

Do you know how many road accidents occur on a daily basis? Well, that’s simply uncountable. But, strangely, every time some accident takes place, according to estimation by a leading daily newspaper, around 88% by-passers simply remain standing passively, as if watching some street spectacle. When asked about such silly behavior, they would inevitably say that they do not wish to be entangled into any legal procedure. Well, at a time when you find most of your “brothers” and “sisters” (remember the school pledge: India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters”?) willingly/unwillingly hesitate you help you, don’t you think you need a change in the System itself?

Reasons India Needs A Really Good Samaritan Law

4. Because When Walking Down the Streets, We’re Turn Mute

What do you do when you see a person simply harassing a girl right at the bus stop? No, you don’t say a word. After all, it’s their matter, let them solve. Why waste your own day because of someone you haven’t even seen in your life? And, what if, the guilty belongs to a big gang and, in turn, takes your lesson? This is what we all inevitably think when we face a similar episode. If we choose to remain all deaf and dumb, then don’t you think we need a Good Samaritan law? After all, if it can help people save themselves in the streets, well, then why not?

Reasons India Needs A Really Good Samaritan Law

3. Because it’s High Time to Change the Legal Procedures Too

Well, it would be wrong if we only make the civilians responsible for everything. The legal processes after the accidents are too complicated, and the police inevitably questions (or, should we say, harasses) the person who has helped the victim, simply overlooking the fact that that person too may be undergoing a trauma. Instead of questioning and harassing, don’t you think a dose of appreciation and a genuine “thank you” could make things a lot easier—both for the police and the person? Food for some thought, eh?

Reasons India Needs A Really Good Samaritan Law

2. Because a Good Samaritan Law Works

In many 1st world countries, including France and Germany, you have got laws which make it mandatory for the onlookers to help the accident victims. If they fail to do so, or try to evade the situations, they are even criminally punished. In fact, the French Government makes the onlooker responsible if proper care couldn’t be taken of the victim due to any late medical attention. Now, perhaps you know the reason why India is facing such criminal offences? Don’t you think, since we’re adamant on not changing ourselves, a Good Samaritan Law is indeed a necessity?

Reasons India Needs A Really Good Samaritan Law

1. Because Every Accident/Harassment Victim Deserves to be Heard and to Live

Somewhere in thinking about the reasons which forced the accident and thinking about the repercussions on you for taking the victim to the hospital, there lies a life—a life that could be saved if taken proper care of without any delay. So, since we’re nowhere interested in someone else’s life or care about anything else other than our own selfish ends, it’s far better to have a Good Samaritan Law take care of it in its own “sweet” way. What do you think?

Reasons India Needs A Really Good Samaritan Law

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