8 Reasons Heartbroken Lovers Should Travel Post Breakup

3:00 am 28 Sep, 2014

Did you just go through a massive heart break owing to a terrible breakup? Well, do you think lamenting day and night is going to fetch you anything? Stop wasting blotting paper and get up on your toes—pack your backpack and get out wandering about the enchanting places amidst nature and heritage. Yes, we’re precisely saying that traveling can not only mend your heart, but also make you fall in love with your life all over again. You don’t believe us, right? So, read on this post to know the reasons for doing the same—

8. Nature’s Beauty Is Enormous

Well, don’t you think it’s high time for you to get the fact correct that you’ve been a fool so long to run behind a mere mortal someone when nature has such wonderful beauties in store? From the natural lakes to the deep gorges and the mesmerizing mountains—there are so many things worth exploring and knowing. And, the best part is, all of them will aesthetically please you without demanding anything in return. So, why waste time lamenting on someone who doesn’t care for you?

Reasons Heartbroken Lovers Should Travel Post Breakup

7. See Relics Of Flourishing Empires To Learn How To Rise From Rubble

And, if you want to just take the lamentation to a whole new level, then visit a ruined city like Dhanushkodi or Hampi! Your lamentation will know no bounds when you’ll see the relics of a flourishing empire vanished complete a la your love!

Reasons Heartbroken Lovers Should Travel Post Breakup

6. Take A Trip Anywhere In India, It Takes Half the Money You Spent On Your Beloved

No matter whether you’re a girl or a boy with a broken heart, did you ever realize how much money you had to spend on your “better half”? Well, with not even half as much the money, you can make a grand trip around some great place in India. And, we’re not kidding! Well, if you’re one of those “baby, I love you….baby, have you slept well” type person, then you may as well make some foreign trip with half as much the money you spent on your “baby”! Besides, this time, and perhaps for the first time, you will be making right use of your salary.

Reasons Heartbroken Lovers Should Travel Post Breakup

5. Open Your Mind By Travelling Far and Wide

It’s a common saying that travel broadens mind. So, after spending months or years over some unproductive nothing, don’t you think it’s time for some productive act? Yes, traveling is productive for it brings out the genuine person in you, and it also helps you to understand the “reality” of life. So…!

Reasons Heartbroken Lovers Should Travel Post Breakup

4. Go Bungee Jumping and Kill the Pain

If that breakup was genuinely difficult for you, then trust us, nothing can help you beat the pain into the bushes than bungee jumping! The terrific adrenaline rush stimulates all your senses in such a way that you’re bound to forget every other pain! And, it’s not just bungee jumping—indulge in any adventure sports that you’re afraid of and, post that see the mammoth change in you! Trust us, it’s worth it.

Reasons Heartbroken Lovers Should Travel Post Breakup

3. Travelling and Meeting New People reveals Greater Pains In The World

On a serious note, going to newer places mean that meeting different people and understanding different cultures and backgrounds. And, if you’re able to meet and exchange notes with the fellow travelers or, better still, with the countrymen, then you’ll find your pain to stand nowhere against those of few others. Trust us, traveling opens newer doors of life and knowledge; seek them, savor them and replenish your soul!

Reasons Heartbroken Lovers Should Travel Post Breakup

2. Grab the Chance To Know Yourself Better

Also, while traveling, you shall at last spend some time solely with yourself. Try to get acquainted with the person deep within you, know his loves and likes, understand him, and then get on with the world effectively. Trust us, after this gateway you’ll surely emerge as a new person and an even better human being.

Reasons Heartbroken Lovers Should Travel Post Breakup

1. Fall In Love All Over Again

Another, and most important reason you should seek newer terrains is to open your chances to meet and fall in love all over again—and, this time, with someone who’s as much in love with traveling as you. After all, a person who loves traveling will be more acquainted with the ways of the world than someone who’s not—it’s as simple an equation as that!

Reasons Heartbroken Lovers Should Travel Post Breakup

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