8 Of The Nastiest Promotional Calls You Get From Blood-Sucking Telemarketers

3:00 am 15 Oct, 2014

Having a phone can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, they’re awesome to use. On the other, it’s extremely irritating when others use it to itch your back where you can’t reach it. Telemarketing calls can be some of the most annoying calls you’ll ever get. The number is mostly a mystery, the salesman will talk on and on and on without even letting you say a word and they do it several times a day. That’s why it’s best if you know whom you’re handling, at the least. Here are the worst telemarketers you have to handle on a daily basis:

8. Tuition promoters

Some of the worst telemarketers out there try so hard to promote their business, they don’t even have a clue whom they’re calling or why. Like Merit nation for example; A site which is meant to help promote and advertise coaching classes for tenth and twelfth for CBSE, ICSE and State syllabi has made such a muck of their telemarketing business that they call single, working class people above the age of twenty for tuition. Such a sad state of affairs, when a marketer doesn’t know his own potential clients.

Nastiest Promotional Calls

7. Marriage ‘counselors’

The biggest players in the matrimonial industry sure don’t know how to make peace with the fact that people don’t want to get married. Shaadi.com and other matrimonial sites blatantly chase after you, even if you’re not interested, in the hope of getting you married. I mean a life changing decision like that can easily be made over the phone! Here’s a fact for you; 50% of marriages end in divorce. Gee, I wonder why.

Nastiest Promotional Calls

6. Insurance companies

You know why insurance companies are so irritating? Because in today’s world, there are so many insurance companies trying to provide insurance every single step you take! LIC, Jeevan Sathi…I’ve even got a call about Cat Insurance! I mean come on, at least ask me if I have a cat first.

Nastiest Promotional Calls

5. Banks

You know what? I believe that deep down, banks have a vested interest in us. But I just don’t see it when they call. Why’re they always trying to take our money from us? Aren’t they the ones who’re supposed to be safeguarding our money? Is that how it’s supposed to be done? Is the only way to keep someone else’s money safe by taking it away from them? This could make for some interesting counter arguments in court for thieves. Hmmm…..

Nastiest Promotional Calls

4. Holiday packages

I actually want to take my hat off to MakeMyTrip because they’re one of those few brands who don’t force their calls down your throat, unlike some other greedy entrepreneurial dogs. I’ve gotten so many calls from sites I’ve never even used like the local governing transportation bodies and a few other private ones whose names I won’t be mentioning here because you’re bound to find out soon. If I want a holiday package or a holiday, for that matter, I’ll come to you. Until then, mind your own business.

Nastiest Promotional Calls

3. Real Estate

It looks like I’m covering all the basics of a beautiful life, but trust me; when you get these calls on a daily basis, you won’t be happy. Like real estate for example. I get so many calls about land availability and cost per acre…in cities I don’t even live in! Okay, so assuming land is scarce and you won’t get a place, how am I supposed to trust some random guy on the phone, in a different city, quoting prices which may or may not be true? Maybe marketing isn’t as glamorous as I thought it was.

Nastiest Promotional Calls

2. Service agencies

One thing I’ve noticed about these help lines like JustDial are that when you call them for anything non-specific, they’re really helpful. But when it’s borderline specific (like you know you want that one particular come heaven or hell), they’ll kick you in the a**. Try asking for a specific call taxi number and just wait for the dozens of OTHER cab agencies to call you for the next 12 minutes. My phone actually died once from receiving incoming calls from these cabbies. Just saying, really annoying!

Nastiest Promotional Calls

1. Carriers

At the top of my list is of course, your local sim carrier. The number of calls you receive from them on a daily basis is more than this entire list combined. And what’s worse is if you have two different carriers registered in your name. I personally have three; Vodafone, Airtel and Docomo. Together, they’re like the most incoherent set of people alive! Don’t give them room for nonsense. Call and convey your disapproval now, before they start creeping up all over the place (like those clowns you’ve always been scared of as a child).

Nastiest Promotional Calls

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