6 Magical Test Innings Of Rahul Dravid A Cricket Fan Will Remember Till Graveyard

11:00 pm 7 Oct, 2014

There are but a few men who can hold their own in Cricket. Rahul Dravid was always at the top of the food chain, especially when it came to Test Cricket. His resolve and determination made for the most spectacular test innings around. But there are just so many, we decided to make a compilation of his best. So here are 6 unforgettable test innings by Rahul Dravid.

6. 190 vs New Zealand (3rd Test, 1999):

Dravid was on song in the 3rd test against the Kiwis in Hamilton. His first inning score of 190 took India over the aggressively poised 366 of their counter parts. The Kiwi’s managed to mount a total of 415 to chase, and this is where things got interesting. At 55 for two, India needed someone to stabilize the innings and up walked Dravid to the crease. Surprisingly, Dravid was a little more aggressive than usual and once again his inning of 103 came at a strike rate of 75 (unlike the single digits we know he’s capable of hitting as well). Whether he was in one of his moods or the need of the moment demanded it, Dravid rose to the occasion and guided India home.

Magical Test Innings Of Rahul Dravid

5. 177 vs Sri Lanka (1st Test, 2009)

Speaking of rising to the occasion, I’m sure Dravid’s felt lonely on more than one instance, mostly when the entire top order crumbles to a relatively unknown bowler and he’s left batting with the lower middle order. That’s what happened in the 1st test against Sri Lanka. When Chanaka Welegedara hammered India’s top order, it was up to Dravid to steady the innings. With some help from the lower middle order (Yuvraj Singh to be more precise), he battled the onslaught of yorkers and short length deliveries alike to make an amazing 177.

Magical Test Innings Of Rahul Dravid

4. 270 vs Pakistan (3rd Test, 2004)

Any stellar performance against Pakistan is one you’ll remember. But when you cross a double century and then some, you’re a hero for life. Added to the fact that the series was drawn at 1 a piece, no test could have seemed more promising than this one. After bowling Pakistan out for 226, the Indians came in to bat with a gritty determination (and by Indians, I mostly mean Dravid). His 270 ensured that India pile on a massive 600 and help clinch the series 2-1; a blow to Pakistan and a huge win for India.

Magical Test Innings Of Rahul Dravid

3. 112 vs West Indies (1st Test, 2011)

You’re probably wondering how a 112 could be better than a 270. Well situations dictate a performance, and that’s what happened in this test. It kicked off one of the best years for Dravid, a long needed year after the rough patch he’d been through earlier. India came into the second inning with a lead of 73 but a few quick wickets saw them shake for a while. But where there’s Dravid, there’s hope. He scored calm and composed 112 which led them to a much needed victory and the start of a brilliant year.

Magical Test Innings Of Rahul Dravid

2. 148 vs England (3rd Test, 2002)

A rivalry as long as the one against Pakistan, any victory over England can incept emotions of unforeseeable joy. Just ask Ganguly, he knows best. Dravid made an astonishing 148, considering the track was as messed up as Lady Gaga’s hair. Ganguly opted to bat first, which shocked everyone, but Dravid’s unmatched 148 guided India to an innings victory over the lions, for which he naturally won the man of the match award.

Magical Test Innings Of Rahul Dravid

1. 180 vs Australia (2nd Test, 2001)

And so the song had finished even before it began. Anyone who’s ever watched Dravid knows that this was his best inning till date. Coming in at 274 runs short of Australia’s mammoth total, or so it seemed, of 445, Steve Waugh enforced a follow on. At 232 for 4, Laxman and Dravid were paired together for the most historic inning of the decade, and possible Test Cricket history. Dravid’s 180, playing the supporting role to Laxman’s 281, was a near impossible feat, especially since the external conditions took a toll on him physically. Suffering from severe cramps and dehydration was the least of his problems, but he saw the 4th day through, which pulled India from the brink of defeat, and ended the match in a draw. Thus cemented Sir Dravid’s reputation as “The Wall”. Never will a test inning be as mystical as this one, and we were privileged to get a glimpse of cricket at its best.

Magical Test Innings Of Rahul Dravid

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