10 Global Brands That India Awaits

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7:00 am 10 Sep, 2014

India is on its way to become a super power. The economy is on a revial spree and so is the spending capacity of the common middle class. They have awareness of global brands and like to search well before clicking on the check out button.

Sadly, a few global giants are still giving amiss to the Indian markets. Some due to the rules and regulations in our country, and others are yet to identify the potential of the emerging markets here. Whatever the case, we await these global names and wish access to them at in own country. Let’s hope the following global brands get the needed sanctions and set up shop in our malls at the earliest.

10. Ikea The Furniture Giant

Ikea needs very little introduction. It is the top most furniture brand in North America and Europe. They offer ready to be assembled desks, beds and appliances for the home. The prices are reasonable and suit each and everybody’s budget. Did you know that one in every ten Europeans was conceived on a bed from Ikea?

Global Brands That India Awaits

9. Lush, The Beauty Brand From UK

Lush is known globally for fresh products that are entirely handmade. Their bath combs and shampoo bars are a huge hit. Their proposal is already making rounds of the department of industrial policy. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it sees the light of the day soon.

Global Brands That India Awaits

8. Victoria’s Secret, For All Your Lingerie Dreams

Needles to say owning a Victoria’s secret is high up on every woman’s list of must haves. Imagine requesting your relatives to pick a pair for you every time they plan to go abroad. If needed a signed petition could be sent to the ministry for this brands approval. Just joking!

Global Brands That India Awaits

7. Tiffany&Co, For That Perfect Piece Of Stone

There have seen innumerable Hollywood movies, in which the hero picks up a dazzling ring form a Tiffany store for his lady love. The brand is known for silver ware and exclusive jewellery. Once given permission, they are sure to give the local jewelers a run for their money.

Global Brands That India Awaits

6. Burger King, For Heavenly Burgers

BK is global chain of fast food joints. They primarily sell a gastronomical delight, commonly called ‘burgers’. Indian meat lovers consider it a sin to deny them the taste of this lip smacking delight. We are tired of watching juicy steaks and fries on side, on TLC and the likes of Fox Traveler. It’s time for the real thing.

Global Brands That India Awaits

5. Roccobarocco, The Designer From Italy

We need to have an Italian presence to balance the equation of designing in our country. This is a well known brand in all of Europe for high end dresses, accessories and perfumes. A must for high income middle class, who likes to splurge once in a while.

Global Brands That India Awaits

4. American Apparel, To Dress The Way Americans Do

American Apparel is a very old and trusted name in USA. The company is known for its vertical integration and top quality products. With our youth going for a modern outlook and global approach to things. Dressing globally is the least you can offer them to complete the look.

Global Brands That India Awaits

3. Old Navy, To Dress Comfy

Old navy is a branch of the clothing chain GAP. Their clothes are a hit with men and women both. They say if you buy a hoodie from Old navy, you might get bored wearing it, but it won’t look old for a long time.

Global Brands That India Awaits

2. H&M, The Middle Class Favorite In USA

Is very similar to our very own Zara brand.This Swedish based company has been waiting for approvals for quiet some time now. The sooner it gets a go ahead, the sooner we will get access to quality clothes and designs at very affordable prices.

Global Brands That India Awaits

1. Bluemarine, The Brand For Style Conscious Indians

This brand is the conception of an Italian fashion house and in a very short period of time made a place for themselves in the fashion industry. The clothes have very distinct styling and look gorgeous.

Global Brands That India Awaits

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