17 Fun Things To Do In Mumbai

7:00 am 5 Sep, 2014

Visiting Mumbai isn’t just about going to The Gateway of India, Taj Hotel, Shidivinayak Temple, or the Film city. Being the most populous city of India, Mumbai has a different story to tell at every corner. If you’re planning to visit Mumbai for the first time, here’s a list of fun things you can do to make your trip memorable:

17.  Historic Hydraulic Lifts

Navsari Building, Fort still has the oldest surviving hydraulic lifts in Mumbai. With that simple crankshaft functioning and unspoiled wooden paneling, the lift will take you back to those 70’sages.

Fun Things To Do In Mumbai

16. Spare Some Time For Uttan Beach

This coastline is one of the most quiet and least polluted areas in Mumbai. People come here early in the morning to revitalize their mind and body for the day ahead.

Fun Things To Do In Mumbai

15. A Trip to Bhuleshwar Market

If you want to feel real Mumbai, do visit Bhuleshwar Market. This market is a complete know-how of Mumbai a culture and will take you on a ride through the real Maharashtrian lifestyle.

Fun Things To Do In Mumbai

14. Go Spiritual at the Authentic Chinese Temple

Surprisingly, there’s a Chinese temple in Mumbai in the streets of Madgaon. It was established almost a century ago.

Fun Things To Do In Mumbai

13. Visiting Nipponzan Myohoji– The Japanese Temple in Mumbai

Nipponzan Myohoji is a famous temple in Worli that depicts the life of Lord Buddha with some of the finest artworks in the state.

Fun Things To Do In Mumbai

12. Nature Walk at Borivali National Park

Ease you mind and take a healthy walk in one the most beautifully preserved wildlife sanctuaries of India.

Fun Things To Do In Mumbai

11. A Glimpse of Fading Mumbai

Khotachi Wadi is small locality in the heart of sky scraping Mumbai. The ghetto has attractive Portuguese-style houses and narrow colorful lanes that are sluggishly vanishing with the pacing lifestyle of Mumbai.

Fun Things To Do In Mumbai

10. Indulge in a little Betting at Mahalaxmi Race Course

With a minimal entry fee of Rs. 40, you can bet your cash on horses just the way you see it in some Bollywood movies.

Fun Things To Do In Mumbai

9. Enjoy Midnight Dinner at Bade Miyan

Give your taste buds an appetizing midnight meal with juicy seekh kebabs at Bade Miyan in Colaba Gully. The foot stall is crowded with impatient foodies so make sure you take a seat well ahead.

Fun Things To Do In Mumbai

8. Go shopping at Chor Bazar

They say that you find everything here. Just name it, and it will be there; either by hook or crook.

Fun Things To Do In Mumbai

7. Thrill Your Soul at the Blue Frog Night Club

A favored place among music lovers, this night club has everything from music to food, drinks and an amazing crowd to hang out with.

Fun Things To Do In Mumbai

6. Taste the Delicious Mughali Cuisine at Moti Mahal

Renowned for its lip-smacking butter chicken, kebabs and black dal, Moti Mahal is a traditional bar & restaurant in West Bandra.

Fun Things To Do In Mumbai

5. Spend a Romantic Night with Roof Top Dining

There are various air/roof top resto-bars in Mumbai and they have good personalized menus for a romantic dinner with your date. You can visit Four Seasons Hotel -Worli, Indigo – Colaba and Dome – Marine Drive.

Fun Things To Do In Mumbai

4. Spice up Your Taste Buds at Masala Craft Bar & Kitchen

This fine dining food court is located opposite Lilavati Hospital and is popular for its mouthwatering cuisines from all corners of the world.

Fun Things To Do In Mumbai

3. Enjoy Riding in the Local Trains

To see the real Mumbai, you’ve got to behave like the locals. Try spending a whole day in the local trains (lifelines of Mumbai) and see how fascinating it is to be a Mumbaikar.

Fun Things To Do In Mumbai

2. Admire the Natural Magnificence of Konkan valley

Besides, city streets and skyscrapers, Mumbai is home to one the most majestic natural valleys in Maharashtra. Konkan valley is a perfect place for adventure lovers. They can go rock climbing, water rafting, snorkeling, mountain biking and much more.

Fun Things To Do In Mumbai

1. Spend A Memorable Evening at the Marine Drive

Marine drive is an iconic landmark of Mumbai. At any time of the day or night, you will hundreds of people crowding its promenade. The best time to visit Marine drive is evening, when the sun is just setting. At night, the yellow light from traffic flow and street lights adorn the drive as small jewels in queen’s necklace.

Fun Things To Do In Mumbai

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