18 Fun Things To Do In Chennai

7:00 am 8 Sep, 2014

Chennai is the Southern welcoming door to the Indian subcontinent and attracts a big percentage of tourists every year. The rich traditional history and vibrancy of its culture make the capital of south a popular tourist destination on the world map.

Don’t mistake this city for any ordinary south Indian city, it is different in many ways and offers several fun things to do. A list of these things is given here. Take a look:

18. Reliving Beautiful Malgudi Days

If R K Narayan’s artistic sketches inspire you, do visit Malgudi restaurant in Savera and enjoy flavorful coastal cuisines here.

Fun Things To Do In Chennai

17. A Coffee Tip in Mother Nature’s Lap

Need some time unaccompanied? Stopover for rich aroma of dark coffee at Eco Café and ease your mind spectating the elegance of southern natural world.

Fun Things To Do In Chennai

16. Visit Alligators In Their Natural Habitat

If reptiles,especially alligators fascinate you, ‘Crocodile Bank’ is the place to be. Located just on the way to Mamallapuarm, the zoo houses almost every reptile species. Interested visitors can also take classes here to further their knowledge about reptiles.

Fun Things To Do In Chennai

15. Come To Be A Bookworm At Anna Centenary Library

Renowned as the biggest library in Asia, Anna Centenary Library is a great place to enjoy reading books of your taste with a peaceful cup of coffee.

Fun Things To Do In Chennai

14. Rediscover The Historical Significance At Cholamandal Artists Village

Located on the way to Thirubanmiyur, the place is a glimpse to the traditional South Indian art and cultural works.

Fun Things To Do In Chennai

13. Identifying The Cultural Richness Of Southern India At Daksinchitra

This place showcases the cultural lifestyle of five major southern states of the Indian sub-continent. You can shop for some of the most amazing traditional stuff here. Art and craft items are available are reasonably priced.

Fun Things To Do In Chennai

12. Enjoy Folk Dance and Music At Kalashetra

Popular for cultural dances and music, Kalashetra is busy center, with artist buzzing around.

Fun Things To Do In Chennai

11. A Peaceful Sunset At Thiruvanmiyur Beach

Certainly one of the most isolated beaches in South India, Thiruvanmiyur is a perfect place to sit back and relax, enjoying a lovely sunset.

Fun Things To Do In Chennai

10. Preview The Captivating Beauty Of Sri Lanka At Mahabodhi Society

Visit the Mahabodhi Society of Sri Lanka to experience the Theravada Buddhist teachings in a peaceful temple with an 18 foot tall Buddha idol.

Fun Things To Do In Chennai

9. Discover Yourself In Dhamma Setu

If you are looking for a secluded place, there’s nothing better than visiting Dhamma Setu near Thirumudivakkam.

Fun Things To Do In Chennai

8. Spend A Day Fishing At The Barracuda Bay

If you love fishing and haven’t stopped over by the Barracuda Bay, you’ve probably missed a fabulous chance to see the most amazing aquatic life.

Fun Things To Do In Chennai

7. A Ride To The Royal Enfield Factory

Book your 2nd or the forth Saturday for a ride of a lifetime to the famous Royal Enfield Factory in Northern Chennai.

Fun Things To Do In Chennai

6. Enjoy Late Afternoon Tea At Café Amethyst

This is perhaps a historical building, but is adorned as a beautiful restaurant with comfy antique furniture and mouthwatering tea times.

Fun Things To Do In Chennai

5. Savor Delicious South Indian Cuisines

As such, good food courts are found on almost every street end of the city, places like Saravana Bhavan, Ente Keralam and Kukarakom are renowned from their delicious south Indian food.

Fun Things To Do In Chennai

4. Go English at 10 Downing Street

If you love beer before dinner and that too the English way, you must visit the famous 10 Downing Street. Main attractions here are Saturday club night, Friday retro night and Wednesday ladies night.

Fun Things To Do In Chennai

3. Eat A Delicious Spicy Meal At Rain Tree

No, it’s not tree, but a hotel restaurant in Chennai and is renowned for its delicious cuisines of Chettinad region that is spicier than normal south Indian food.

Fun Things To Do In Chennai

2. Enjoy Thai Food at Benjarong

Not only the food, but Benjarong has some the most marvelously carved furniture that makes the ambiance look very graceful.

Fun Things To Do In Chennai

1. Day Out at Dizzee World

This place is for everyone. Kids, teenagers, couples, elders, everyone will find something amazing to do in this incredible amusement park.

Fun Things To Do In Chennai

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