5 Crazy Crimes That Almost Went Uncaught

11:00 pm 30 Aug, 2014

They say that time heals all wounds. But there are a few which may never heal. Like say, you just pulled off an insane crime but didn’t manage to sustain the run. Those are the worst ones, aren’t they? I’m not speaking from personal experience, but I’m sure it’ll sting. Check out these five crimes of insanity, courage and stupidity:

5. Cornerstone Bank Waco, Texas

It’s always better to hit two birds with one stone, isn’t it? Hannah Sabata certainly though so. Having had her child taken away by the government for neglect, Hannah felt that revenge was on the cards. First, she stole a car(which she used as her getaway. Then she forced herself into a bank and managed to threaten the guy behind the counter to spill all the money out. She stole this cash and zipped away in her stallion. Unfortunately, the glee from her robberies went straight to her head. She posted a set of videos on YouTube in which she boasted about her crimes, displayed the keys to the car and the stack of money behind her. Safe to say, she got caught.

Crazy Crimes That Almost Went Uncaught

4. Man shoots moon in Arizona

A man in Arizona apparently shot at the moon with a handgun in the middle of the night, instigating his family to run away complain to the police. His wife and teenage son apparently ran out of the house in the middle of the night after they heard bullets being fired from their house. The police rushed to the scene and found the man swearing and shooting at the moon. They tried to calm him down but he resisted, stating that he wanted to shoot the moon down for unexplained reasons. He was then thrown in jail and when he woke up in the morning, they questioned him, only to find out that he was smoking weed the previous night. Enough said.

Crazy Crimes That Almost Went Uncaught

3. Armored car company theft

A group of thieves in the United States stole armored cars and stole $11 million in bills from a bank. The thieves even managed to get one of the guards into the plan. Pretending like he had nothing to do with it, the guard was found handcuffed to a pipe in the morning. He recited a tale so glorious, it couldn’t fail. Alas, the security cameras proved him wrong and he was taken away. Apparently, the remaining 7 million was split among the three robbers who stole the tank. Only $1.5 million and the guard have been found so far. The criminals are still at large.

Crazy Crimes That Almost Went Uncaught

2. High on Holy Spirit

A man lost his temper while driving, rear-ended an innocent civilians car, drove into a gas station, threw a box of donuts onto the counter screaming for gas, got frustrated, got out, drove away and got caught a few minutes later by the cops. When they checked him, he was found to be high. But the man only stated that “he is filled with the Holy Spirit and said the officer could draw his blood, but all he would find would be God.” He was so high on the ‘Holy Spirit’, he was hearing God’s call to duty and claimed to be doing all of his work for the last few hours, which puzzlingly involved him stealing donuts in an attempt to fill gas. Needless to say, he was arrested and charged with a DUI. No surprise there.

Crazy Crimes That Almost Went Uncaught

1. Big Payday

Once a thief, always a thief! And thieves like to leave the game on a high, if you’ve ever known one. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. But this outrageous crime actually almost succeeded. Charles Ray Fuller, a professional thief, tried to cash in a $360 billion check….and the cashier didn’t even question the authenticity of that amount! Now I’m not calling him stupid, but when a guy, not even remotely recognizable, walks into your bank with half of Apple’s revenue for ayear in one hand and an unfazed look, you tend to want to double check. Luckily, the actual cheque processing schema managed to cross reference the check and found that he was trying to transfer money from his $100 savings account into his current account to the tune of $360 billion. I’m no bank manager but I’d fire that clerk as soon as possible.

Crazy Crimes That Almost Went Uncaught

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