5 Books Penned Down By Legendary Cricketers

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11:00 pm 26 Sep, 2014

The passionate sport of our country – Cricket has more than what appears on field. The life of cricketers is more complex than we can imagine, embroiled with struggles and challenges, both professional and personal. We are happy to comment on the on-field performance and are judgmental to pass remarks like ‘He should retire’ or ‘He is not fit’ but less do we know that for them it is a hurdle that work hard to overcome which we very easily overlook.

Here is an insider to the life of some of the cricketers the world knows as Legends. Grab a book by them to know about their cricketing life and more.

5. The Art of Captaincy (Mike Brearley)

Published in the 80’s by Hodder and Stoughton Ltd., this book is a compilation of experiences of Mike Brearley while captaining Middlesex and contributing in the Ashes victory in the year 1981. This book in particular explores the various facets of cricket including the challenges that surmount the captain of team. As a result it is also considered as a ‘treatise on captaincy’. It talks from the perspective of a captain, how he manages his team on and off field. Mike’s personal encounters adds a flavor to the book that has made it readable for people outside of the cricket field.

Books Penned Down By Legendary Cricketers

4. A Lot of Hard Yakka (Simon Hughes)

Subtitled ‘Triumph and Torment’, this book is the first volume of autobiography by cricketer Simon Hughes. It is an insight into the life of a cricketer who was regular on the county circuit between 1980 and 1993. This book is an anecdotal representation of the ups and downs of a county cricketer and is now widely considered a classic, having made it as the ‘William Hill Sports Book of the Year’ in 1997.

Books Penned Down By Legendary Cricketers

3. 10 for 66 and All That (Arthur Mailey)

This book is the story of Arthur Mailey who is the only Australian to have taken nine wickets in a test inning. Published in 1958 this book has engaging content of a talented cricketer and his triumphs of a different era. An inspirational cricketer for upcoming cricketers, his encounters and verve is a lesson to be learnt. The title of the book is a reflection of his bowling figures against Gloucestershire in 1921.

Books Penned Down By Legendary Cricketers

2. Straight from the Heart (Kapil Dev)

This book is a prelude to the first book by Kapil Dev, By God’s Decree (1985) and Cricket My Style (1987). It is the autobiography of one of the greatest cricketers the country has witnessed. Parts of this book deals with Kapil’s cricketing years in the mid-eighties, picking up events stated in his earlier book Cricket My Style. This book in comparison to the early two is lengthier and captures major incidents such as breaking the record of Hadlee and his match fixing allegations by Manoj Prabhakar. All that happened in his life post 1986 is captured in this memoir.

Books Penned Down By Legendary Cricketers

1. Runs n Ruins (Sunil Gavaskar)

The legendary cricketer of our country has penned down his journey through the latter half of the triumphant year 1983, when India got hold of the world cup. It showcases the struggle post that when the team faced turf at home against the Pakistani team followed by an onslaught by West Indies cricket team which intended to prove that Indian team’s winning the cup was nothing more than luck. Amidst all these speculations, how Gavaskar fought the odds, caught between media’s bombardment, with the help of his family is captured in this book. He successfully concludes the book by saying that bright upcoming players can only help the game rise from the ruins.

Books Penned Down By Legendary Cricketers

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