8 Bollywood Villains Who Outshone Their Counterparts

7:00 am 22 Sep, 2014

Being an actor isn’t easy; the over-priced dresses, the shallow lines, the melodrama and of course all the fame and adoration in the world. Yes, being a hero is painstaking indeed. And what about the villains? I personally believe that the antagonist can sometimes come out on top. Here are 8 villains who were fare better than their counterpart

8. Dr. Dang (Karma)

I’m going to start off the list with one of the best Indian actors of all time. Anupam Kher, in his role as Dr.Dang, was rustic class personified; the sheer lack of humanity, the aura of negativity about him, and his incredible expressions. His goal was simple; propagate terror, much like The Joker. Although he didn’t measure up to Ledger’s standard, he did an excellent job as the deadly Dr.Dang.

Bollywood Villains Who Outshone Their Counterparts

7. Lion (Kalicharan)

The king of terror, the baap of all baaps, the prince of pain…these were some of the adjectives used to describe Ajeet in Kalicharan. He had it all, the white suite and pants to match, the kickass shades, the innumerable sidekicks…yes that’s what makes a villain alright. He created a new lineage of villains with his performance, causing a revolutionary change in the way villains were looked at back in the day.

Bollywood Villains Who Outshone Their Counterparts

6. Gabbar (Sholay)

I know he’s coming early on in the list but I thought I’d progress toward more modern villains in the second half. That being said, he’s still one of the best villains of all time. Who can ever forget Amjad Khan as Gabbar Singh; the tobacco in his mouth, a lure of wretchedness in his eyes, his cunning and deceit unmatched. He was the perfect villain for the perfect movie and has immortalized some of the most famous lines being reiterated today. A salute to Amjad for his five star performance.

Bollywood Villains Who Outshone Their Counterparts

5. Mogambo (Mr. India)

This film has been inscribed in our minds for so many reasons, but the one that stands out is Amrish Puri as Mogambo. He was THE perfect super villain; he had everything from acid tanks to a world map on his floor, a huge lair to plot out his conniving schemes, the missiles and of course the golden hair. His fondness for blowing up public property made him the ultimate threat and the acting…oh no words could ever describe what Amrish Puri has done for this film. The best villain of old, according to me.

Bollywood Villains Who Outshone Their Counterparts

4. Mr. A (Dhoom 2)

Okay I’m not a huge Hrithik fan (but I’m still a pretty big fan) but I think he was the sole reason Dhoom 2 went on to become a huge success. I mean, you have to give the man credit for being able to pull off anything! But it’s not a major achievement to be the best actor when you’re cast opposite Abhishek Bachchan. Dhoom 3, Bollywood’s biggest movie of all time, is proof of the fact that even a hat can act better than Bachchan Jr.

Bollywood Villains Who Outshone Their Counterparts

3. Don (Don)

Now I’m sure the vast majority agree that Mr.Bachchan (the one who can actually act) was definitively the best Don. But Shahrukh Khan wasn’t half bad either. And just because there’s no real protagonist in this movie (just like in the Dhoom series), it doesn’t necessarily make him a good antagonist. But he proved us wrong with the commercial success of both Don 1 and 2. Not a fantastic villain (by a long stretch) but not all that bad either.

Bollywood Villains Who Outshone Their Counterparts

2. Viru Sahastra budhhe (3 idiots)

I’d like to think of Boman Irani as an unconventional villain; not the kind out to do harm in a mass murdering way, but one flooded with negativity and hurts you nonetheless. Boman Irani has won accolades for his performances in a negative role, and Viru was none less withstanding of that. He was at the right place at the right time; always lurking about, creating mayhem for Rancho and his friends, not that in touch with his emotions and unscrupulous all the while. For me, Mr.Irani is a true actor in any role.

Bollywood Villains Who Outshone Their Counterparts

1. Kancha Cheena (Agneepath, 2012)

I’m not going to say that Sanjay Dutt is an underrated actor, but he’s certainly the most terrifying Bollywood villain I’ve seen in a long time! His look just ran shivers down my spine,as I’m sure it would have yours. The black eyes and wardrobe went together perfectly but his bald, towering figure gave it the most intense blend of elements.His ‘couldn’t care for anything’ attitude really made the movie worth watching again and again, if not for Hrithik (who was almost of good as Dutt Bhai but just missed out). I don’t think I’ll get his image out of my head very soon…

Bollywood Villains Who Outshone Their Counterparts

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