Why Mustard Yellow Should Become The Staple Colour In Your Closet

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5:31 pm 14 Aug, 2016

Isn’t mustard yellow one of the most versatile yet the most underrated colours on our palette?

It’s classy, sophisticated yet cool and chic. You can style it up or down, day or night- mustard yellow has the ability to bring out the right mood in every outfit. Just a hint of it in your drab outfit and mustard yellow can brighten up a dull day like no other.

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Because this is exactly what mustard yellow is. It’s sweet and nice, yet bold enough to stand on its own.

It’s just like an LBD or a red dress, only much more approachable and casual. Just the right dress to pick when you want to be dressed up and yet put an I-didnt-spend-90-minutes-on-this face.



At the same time, pair it with bold lips and go all the way being the star of the night. This color’s got no fuss of excessive accessorizing to support it.

Just like Athiya Shetty did on Vogue beauty awards last year:

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 3.59.40 PM

Or keep it chic and smart like Blake Lively, a.k.a Serena Van Der Woodson.

No wonder all eyes are on her. 



Or let this mustard be your cool, high-street statement piece.




This isn’t a frivolous colour to spill non-professionalism at your office outfit. It’s got a perfect balance of business and creativity.

Team a blazer with all black and greys to walk in with a cheerful presence in your boring office meetings.



Or go completely boho with beachy vibes spelling all things sun, sand and sea.

Crunch your hair, dab some icy blue on your eyes and leave your lips pale pink to bring out the real fun vibe of mustard yellow on your vacation.




And just when we thought mustard is for old-school Indian ethnic, white-mustard combination will tell you how you can do just the right ethnic with 2016 ultra-modern vibes.

ethnic mustard

Or just add a little hint of mustard to peek from your glitzy wedding outfits.



”With the right shoes, a woman can do a lot.”

It’s not for nothing that the right yellow mustard on your feet can take any outfit from a 3 to a 10 on 10.

shoes mustard

If nothing else, at least give these pretty mustard yellow a place in your accessories. They are a promise to bring any drab outfit to life.


Just when you’ve been thinking that yellow and its shades belong to the summer family, know that mustard yellow is an autumn/fall color.

Add a layer of it to keep the chill away while you keep the temperature soaring high!


winter mustard


Now, isn’t mustard the new black, orange or red- or maybe, just better!

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