A Temple In Mussoorie Did Something That Helps Save Water Without Breaking Tradition

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3:58 pm 10 Jul, 2016

Mussoorie may be a picturesque town of Himachal Pradesh but like many places in the country, it too grapples with severe water crisis. Whatever may be the efforts of the government to tackle the crisis, a famous temple in the town decided to do something that is worth a standing ovation.

Sanatan Dharma Mandir is one of the oldest temples of Mussoorie. Thronged by scores of devotees all through the year, the temple is frequented by many Shiva bhakts.

As is tradition, people pour water over the lingam with vessels made from copper of various sizes. And this is what gave the temple authorities an idea to help save water without breaking tradition.


According to this report in the TOI, the temple officials decided to replace all the larger vessels with those of smaller sizes.

The report says that at the start of the summer season – when water scarcity is particularly severe – the temple bought two dozen small vessels. They are gradually phasing out all the big and medium size vessels.

The result is that everyone is happy, including environmentalists. The devotees continue to follow rituals and traditions, and the temple has sent out a strong message in water conservation.

“Symbolic gestures like these help spread awareness of the need for water conservation,” the report quotes an environmentalist as saying.

The town needs around 14.5 million litres per day but gets only about half of it from local springs and brooklets.

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