A Muslim Youth In UP Saved A Cow By Jumping Into A Well

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12:23 pm 5 Oct, 2015

Within a week since the news of a mob lynching a 50 year old man to death, for allegedly eating beef came to light, politics took over the spotlight.

In this past week many politicians came forward and made absurd statements right from calling last week’s incident as just an accident, to some calling the victim a cow slaughterer or blaming him for for his own death.

While the politicians have left no stone unturned to gain political mileage from the Dadri incident, many of them on Sunday failed to notice that a 20-year-old Muslim youth in another district of UP risked his own life so save the life of a cow that had fallen into a well.

Mohammad Zaki, who is from the Polykheda village of Uttar Pradesh, was on his way home after his afternoon payers when he saw that a cow had fallen inside a well.


Zaki volunteered to go down and help the poor animal.

Recalling the incident, Zaki said:

“I saw a large number of people gathered around the open well looking at a cow that had fallen in and volunteered to go down to save it. I went in because its life was at risk, it was suffocating down there and the cow was distressed.”

Zaki waited with the crowd for a crane to arrive. He then tied himself to a strap and was lowered into the 35-ft-deep dark well.

He first checked if the cow was doing well. Then he harnessed the bovine from under the stomach to the crane’s hook.

But realising that the cow might fall on him if he stayed below, he then sat on top of it and helped pull the animal up.

This is not the first time that Zaki has risked his life to save others. His mother Salma recalls that during Ramlila celebrations last year, fire from an effigy had reached some houses. “At that time too, Zaki had saved lives,” she says.

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