Muslim Head Of Village Claims Hindu Ancestry While Hindus Help In Muslim Weddings In Dadri

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5:54 pm 11 Oct, 2015

The Dadri lynching incident followed by the mob violence in Mainpuri appears to have had a deep psychological impact on the Muslims living in and around Mohammed Ikhlaq’s Bisada village.

A report published by The Hindu presents a concerning picture of the panic that appears to have set in the hearts of Muslims in the area. It says that many have become anxious and insecure.

It says that the head of the Muslim-dominated Jarcha village has now started claiming Hindu ancestry of Muslims.

“We are not Babar’s aulad. We were Shivaji’s sons,” Ehsan Ilahi Ansari, told a Hindu-member-majority peace meeting, on Wednesday, appealing for peace and calm.

He does not stops at that. Ansari told the gathering that the cow is not just the mother of Hindus alone, but also Muslims.

“Killing a cow is haram in Islam,” he claimed.


Village Bisada gate


Supporting his assertion and explaining that cows are important to Muslims, he said that being farmers they were dependent on the “gau mata”.

It is for the first time the head of a Muslim-dominated village openly declared Hindu ancestry of Muslims living in the area.

His friend Shakeel Ahmad said that Ansari’s comments were “odd” and that the people’s day-to-day lives are almost the same as it was before Ikhlaq’s death.

“But both Muslims and Hindus never imagined, given the close cultural and social bonds, that a Muslim could be killed brutally, just over rumours about beef. Now, they know it is possible.”

The Hindu points out that the incident might create ghettoization of communities, as was seen post the Muzaffarnagar riots.

Muslims living in Hindu-majority villages might move out to Muslim-dominated villages and vice versa.

Sabir Ali, in his early sixties, questioned Ikhlaq’s decision to stay in a Hindu area.

Ansari has declared that Muslims fearing for their safety in other villages may migrate to Jarcha, promising them land and help in settling down.

But at the same time, in Bisada village, it is the Hindus who are helping to ensure that two Muslim weddings happen peacefully. The Muslim family was planning to shift the venue of the twin weddings outside the village, but their Hindu neighbours assured all support and assuaged their fears.

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