This music video cannot be made by anyone in the world for next 1101 days

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8:00 am 8 Jan, 2014

How do you think music videos are made? Do you think they require great choreographers, award winning directors or Grammy winning artistes? Or do you believe a trunk full of money can help you make a blockbuster music video? If you think so, this boy will dispel your imagination while setting a new trend in music video making. “Money?” No. “Grammy winner?” No. “Original song?” No. “Choreography?” Absent. “Known face?” Are you kidding me? Just watch this video and witness how to make one with time playing the assistant.

Credit: This video was uploaded by Matt Perren and features him lip-synching to a Queen’s number. Titled ‘Day 1 – Picture everyday project’, Matt made this in 1101 days working from 01/01/2011 to 05/01/2014.

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