The Mumbai Police Sent This Guy A ‘Thank You’ Note For Wearing Seat Belt

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4:01 pm 10 Aug, 2016

We don’t expect much from the traffic police, right? Except labelling them as potbelly, lazy bribe takers.

Well, the Mumbai Police is really going out of their way to change their darn first impressions. Apart from handling a highly interactive twitter handle to keep you in loop of your city roads, the Mumbai police is now sending out sweet notes to your letter boxes- and no, they are not challan receipts.

I am not even kidding. This guy, Dharmendra Abhayram Chaudhary, a civil engineer received a purple coloured ”Thank You” note from Thane traffic police. Not that he did something extraordinarily kind, but he just followed the traffic rule by wearing a seat belt! 




The traffic police clicked his picture while driving and made this sweet gesture to send him a note which re-emphasised his responsibility towards himself and the country. Now what the traffic police is doing, is not just kind but a smart public relation tactic too.

Such a small gesture. But what it did is spectacular. I was amazed and it made my day. It gave me the feeling that, my Government cares for its citizens, says Dharmendra.

Needless to say, we are so impressed and touched, Mumbai Police!

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