5 Stations In Mumbai You Better Avoid During Peak Hours

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7:31 pm 25 Sep, 2015

Mumbai locals, during the peak hours, is the most awful thing to travel in. Nearly 50 per cent of Mumbaikars travel through this mode of transport and it is jam packed during morning and evening peak hours. Some stations being the commercial and industrial hub of Mumbai are so crowded that it is almost impossible for a non-Mumbaikar to board a Mumbai local at any of these stations.

Our team did a little digging and found a few stations you should avoid during the peak hours.

1. Thane Station.

With an average of 1000 trains per day and a footfall of 6.54 lakh passengers travelling per day, Thane has emerged as the busiest railway station not only in the Central Railway line but also all over Mumbai! Need we say more!


2. Andheri station.

More than 30 per cent of the all big companies in Mumbai are based in this part of the megacity. So Andheri station could cost your life during the peak hours. Stay away! Fact: As per new records, Andheri is the most populous suburb in Mumbai with a population of over one million!


3. Dadar station.

Darr ke aage jeet hai, Dadar ke aage seat hai” they say when you are aboard Virar local moving towards Dadar. This is the last destination where you can find crowded trains. Beyond Dadar towards South Mumbai the trains are less crowded and easy to commute.


4. Kurla Station.

Kurla, known as one of the oldest stations in Mumbai and having a total of 8 operational platforms, records an average of 3.81 lakh passengers on a daily basis. It connects the Harbour and Central line of railway making it a very busy station.


5. Dombivli.

Our team hasn’t reach here to find out what and how. It is far away from Mumbai, they say. Far…. But this is a photo of how it looks during peak hours.


This article has been submitted by : Omkar Deshmukh

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