Mumbai Port Trust Sets A New Shipment Record By Transporting 6,316 Cars On A Single Ship

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6:56 pm 22 Aug, 2016

Lying on the natural deep-water harbor of Mumbai, Mumbai Port Trust is usually used to transport bulk cargo. In its ancient history, the port has been used by the Maratha navy, the Portuguese, and the British. The port is one of the 12 major ports of India.

The port has been focusing on the export and transport of cars and has become the number one port in India by growing at about 25 percent over the last few years.

Mumbai port trust sets a record


The Ministry of Shipping stated:

“Continuing its march to set ever higher records of handling cars, Mumbai Port has set a new record of shipment of 6,316 cars on a single ship on its new berth OCT-2. This is a quantum jump over the previous record of shipment of 5,376 cars.”

The ship, MV Hoegh St Petersberg, berthed on 6 August and sailed on 9 August with a shipment of 6,316 cars (3,115 of General Motors and 3,093 of Volkswagen) to be exported to Mexico.


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