A Mumbai Congress Leader Tried To Troll PM Modi Using A Prank App

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6:53 pm 21 Nov, 2016

Sharif Khan’s Twitter account says that he is the secretary of the Mumbai Congress Minority community and the ex General Secretary of the Mumbai Youth Congress. On Sunday, he posted a video trying to ‘expose’ a ‘huge secret’: that the new notes issued by the Modi government show Modi’s speech when seen through a special app.

But in his attempt to become another Kejriwal (who has often tried to troll the Prime Minister with fake stuff), Khan fails to note that the app he is using is itself a prank.


The augmented reality app, Modi Keynote, apparently showed the historic November 8 address of the Prime Minister in which he announced the decision of withdrawing Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes.

The app, when hovered over a Rs.500 or Rs.1000 note apparently scanned the currency and then, after about two or five seconds, played the video of the Prime Minister.

Everyone knew that the app was a prank. So either the Congress leader fell for a prank or intentionally tried to mislead the people.

The app, created by Barra Skull Studio, itself received so much backlash that it has now been removed from Google’s Playstore.

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