Thousands Of People Are Sharing This Boy’s Christmas Wish. Here’s Why

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2:38 pm 25 Dec, 2015

A heart-warming story posted by Humans of Bombay has been shared more than 1000 times within a short span of time.


“Every year I ask Santa for only one thing – a way to get myself properly educated. This year I also realised that I…

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Thursday, December 24, 2015


A boy, who appears to be in his teen, was found selling little Christmas trees at Hill Road, Bandra in Mumbai.



When he was asked about his Christmas wish, he replied, “Every year I ask Santa for only one thing – a way to get myself properly educated.”


Representational Image Aaj Tak

Representational Image
Aaj Tak


He added that he wants to be a scientist and he has been praying hard so that his dream comes true.


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Representational Image


Though many say that Santa doesn’t exist, his faith is intact despite facing many hurdles in his life.

He said:

“They say Santa doesn’t exist, but I have faith that one day I’ll be able to stop working, study and become the best scientist in the world!”


Representational Image christiantoday

Representational Image


After his post was shared on social media, many people came forward to help him.

Currently, Humans of Bombay is trying to relocate him and will also set up a fund to help him get proper education.


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