‘Mukkabaaz’ Is An Absolute Masterpiece Which We Expected From The Genius Anurag Kashyap

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4:25 pm 12 Jan, 2018

This time Anurag Kashyap’s dark uglyism has taken a backseat and he has crafted a beautiful love story in the midst of sports politics that is rooted at every level of our sports federation. The movie is not a heroic story of an accomplished boxer, instead, it is a real, intense drama of how a talented boxer in our country is suppressed by the system he lives in.

From casteism to bribe to tortuous government jobs, the life of a struggling boxer is a living hell and the journey of how an arrogant, mad, rebellious boxer aka Shravan Kumar makes his way for his samaan and love is what ‘Mukkabaaz’ is all about.



Shravan Kumar is one feisty yet hapless boxer who has never got the chance to fight even at the district level because it is not the talent but his coach sahab, Bhagwan Das (Jimmy Shergill), who decides the participants.

Bhagwan Das is one ruthless coach who makes his boxers do household chores instead of practice, which infuriates Shravan and he rebels against the way boxers are treated in his reign. And, in return, his boxing participation is canceled.



The story takes a crazy turn when Shravan falls in love with Zoya who is the only daughter of Bhagwan Das’s brother. Now, he is fueled by both passion and love, he is no more a mukkebaaz, he is a Mukkabaaz, a fighter with purpose.

The performances in this film are exceptional, to say the least. Vineet Kumar has completely transformed himself into a UP boxer both mentally and physically. Not for a moment, he seems like he is acting, he has become the character so flawlessly that one eagerly waits what he will do next. He is one star that deserves to be part of great films. And hopefully, ‘Mukkabaaz’  would change his fortune.



And what can I say about Zoya Hussain? She has given a stellar performance. Whenever she is in the frame, his face has done all the magic. She has displayed all the complex emotions in the film so beautifully that one can easily say that the star is born today. Her character cannot speak but her talent has spoken a thousand words.



So, guys, if you are looking for power-pack punches and powerpack performances, this is the film to watch.

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