After Two Years, Mt. Everest Finally Gets Its First Summit Climbers And They Are Nepalis

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6:53 pm 12 May, 2016

on May 11, 2016 Mount Everest got its first group of climbers to reach the summit, two years after being struck by a disaster that had forced it to close down.

The first group to reach the summit were nine Nepali climbers who reached the top to fix ropes for foreign climbers who later made the ascent.


The Sherpa team had reached the summit at 5:02 pm local time.

A day later, on May 12, three foreign climbers – two Britons and a Mexican – reached the summit. The Brits are Kenton Cool and Robert Richard Lucas, and the Mexican is David Liano Gonzalez.


Mount Everest was hit by tragedy twice – in 2014 and then again in 2015. On both occasions it was made out of bounds for climbers for safety reasons.

In April 2014, seracs – a block of ice – on the western spur of Mount Everest had failed and resulted in an avalanche that had killed 16 Nepalese guides in the Khumbu icefall.


It was the highest number of climbers killed in one day in Mount Everest’s history (later surpassed by April 2015 tragedy).

In April 2015, hundreds of climbers had to abandon the mountain after the deadly earthquake that hit Nepal.

The earthquake had triggered an avalanche on the mountain that killed 18 people at an Everest base camp.


Nepal government was forced to once again close the mountain for climbers. Despite reopening in August, the mountain had remained unconquered by the end of 2015.

The last climber to have summited the peak before the disasters was China’s Wang Jing, who did it back in 2014 and was the only person to achieve the feat that year.


Chinese mountaineer Wang Jing after summiting Everest National Geographic

Chinese mountaineer Wang Jing after summiting Everest National Geographic

Though she was accused of ‘cheating’ as she reached the summit using a helicopter that bypassed the Khumbu icefall.

The Nepal government this year has issued 289 permits to mountaineers for the brief spring climbing season, which runs from mid-April to the end of May.

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