This Is How MP Police Is Saving Both Cattle And Motorists From Dying In Road Accidents

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4:03 pm 25 Aug, 2016

The Madhya Pradesh police has hit upon a unique way to save cattle from getting killed in road accidents or becoming the cause of it.

Accidents often happen on roads because of stray cattle. So the MP police in Balaghat district are sticking neon reflective bands on the horns of cows and bulls.


The reflective bands glow in the dark when light falls on them making it easier for motorists to spot and avoid colliding with cattle on the roads.

According to reports, the police have been able to fix glow bands on 300 such cattle.

“Many drivers injured themselves or killed the cattle after running over them at night,” Kailash Chauhan, traffic police inspector for Balaghat district said.


The initiative proved to be a success and has inspired other districts to follow suit. And now they are looking to buy permanent radium paint to replace the temporary stickers while encouraging farmers to put the stickers on their cattle.

The cattle problem is a very serious one in India. Official figures quote that last year over 550 people were killed in accidents involving stray animals.

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