12 Beautiful Movies You Can Watch With Your Mom

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10:00 am 9 Oct, 2017

In today’s day and age, with busy schedules and the fact that many of us stay away from our families, it has become very difficult to spend quality time with our mothers. We all do love her, and miss her too, but somehow never get around to telling her this because we hardly spend time with her or speak to her. One such way of re-bonding with our mothers would be going out for a movie with her! Couple it up with some shopping and you’re sure to have a great day with her. Here’re some movies to help you with the same.

1. English Vinglish

This comeback movie of Sridevi has all the ingredients for a fun time with your mother; family ties, good music and some great acting. The story of a simple yet independent mother making it big and trying to prove her worth to her daughter and husband who ridicule her English speaking abilities, this movie will surely be liked by you as well as your mother.


2. Kahaani

A thriller/suspense movie, this Vidya Balan starrer is a clincher till the end. Vidya portrays a mother and wife out to seek the truth keeping the viewers hooked and entertained and will definitely do so to you and your mother too.


3. The Blind Side

Based on the real life story of Michael Oher, this story revolves around a couple who take a homeless boy under their wing and changes his life for the better. This is a feel-good story which is sure to touch yours and your mother’s heart.


4. Tehzeeb

An ambitious mother neglects her family and later makes amends for it. The role of mother and daughter is impeccably portrayed by Shabana Azmi. And Urmila Matondkar and will leave you and your mother feeling more connected.


5. Little Miss Sunshine

This relatable story revolves around a dysfunctional family who take a road trip to get their little daughter into a beauty pageant. Satirical and humorous this movie will make it a fun ride for your mother and you.


6. Mother India

If you haven’t yet watched this film, now is the time! But watch it with your mother to tell her how much she means to you.


7. Brave

If it’s an animated movie you have on mind, then this should be your pick! A rebellious daughter defies the norms and disappoints her mother in doing so. Their relationship though rocky takes a good turn when one of them comes in harm’s way and the other one does everything she can to protect and save the other.


8. Shakti/Not Without My Daughter

Based on the novel by Betty Mahmoody, the English as well as Hindi adaptations of this book will show the angst and struggles of a mother to protect her daughter from the atrocities of her husband and his family.


9. Anywhere but Here

Polar opposites mother and daughter try to get along with each other despite differences and numerous arguments and ultimately grow to love each other. Watch this to know that generation gaps and difference of opinions don’t matter in families.


10. Zubeida

The story of a son who sets out on a mission to know his dead mother better, Zubeida, tells a son-mother relationship in a beautiful and subtle way.


11. Erin Brockovich

Julia Roberts essays the real life story of a mother struggling for a better world impeccably in this tearjerker of a film.


12. Freaky Friday

Probably the best movie choice for you and your mother to understand life and choices from each other’s viewpoints. The role-reversal shows just that in a funny and light-hearted way.


So get to know your mom and let her get to know you by bonding over these movies.

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