Movies Fall Way Short Of Their Expected Box Office Collections

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12:09 am 2 Jul, 2016

Looks like all the mahurats, aartis, and poojas of the world couldn’t do a damn thing for the movies that released last week. It isn’t often one finds such a lull at the box office.

The six movies that released last week have only managed to gross a total of 14 crores in a week’s time. That is an all-time low by Bollywood standards. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Hollywood didn’t fare much better either. ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ which was expected to have grossed 50 crore by now, has only managed half that. Even so, this one Hollywood movie managed to rake in twice the amount the six Bollywood releases made!


box office duds


It’s no wonder Bollywood producers have been crying about Hollywood stealing their business. Or maybe, just maybe, we the people have finally decided we won’t take whatever crap these people hurl at us. Seems like it’s been a shitty week for movies and for movie producers! Ah well!


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