Suresh Prabhu Planning To Pay Tribute To ‘Mountain Man’ Manjhi By Connecting His Village Via Rail

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11:02 pm 31 Aug, 2016

To pay tribute to Dashrath Manjhi, who is popularly known as Bihar’s ‘Mountain Man’, Rail Minister Suresh Prabhu is planning to build a railway line to his village Gehlore in Gaya.

Manjhi’s village though well connected to its neighboring towns via road, has the nearest railway station in Jethian which is 8 km away.

Manjhi had carved a road out of a hillock over two decades ago so as to connect his village to rest of the neighborhood.


He had taken up the task after he lost his wife on road as the hillock had made the route to the hospital longer.

Many believe Manjhi walked along the railway line from Gaya to New Delhi so as to meet then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and tell her about his dream.


As he could not afford to buy a train ticket, he had decided to walk all the way to Delhi.

After meeting Indira, Manjhi not only succeeded in carving out the road alone but did it with just a chisel and a crowbar. The effort took him over 22 years to complete.

Thanks to Manjhi, his village is now well connected to nearby towns in Gaya.


The news about railway connecting Manjhi’s village was broken by the Indian Express, who said Prabhu would now explore if a line could be laid there.

Manjhi’s life story has been well documented across the world. His life was even made into a Bollywood movie recently, called ‘Manjhi – The Mountain Man’.

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