Mount Everest Once Again Open To Climbers After April’s Devastating Earthquake

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5:41 pm 24 Aug, 2015

After the devastating earthquake of April 2015 that killed over 7500 people and left over a million homeless, the Nepal Government on Sunday decided to open Mount Everest to climbers once again.


The series of earthquakes that took place in the last week of April 2015 had caused a shift in the Himalayan mountains resulting in an avalanche which in turn killed at least 19 climbers that were scaling the mountain on April 25.

The devastating avalanche was also caught on camera by a climber who had later shared the link social networking sites:


The earthquake, which was of 7.8 magnitude killed over 19 mountaineers on Mount Everest. The avalanche had then triggered another avalanche in Langtang valley of Nepal, which had left over 250 people missing.

April 25 has been dubbed the deadliest day in the history of the mountain.


The first person who would be allowed to scale Mount Everest is a Japanese climber Nobukazu Kuriki, who got his permit from Nepal’s tourism minister, Kripasur Sherpa at a ceremony in Kathmandu on Sunday.

Kuriki would be leaving for Mt. Everest on Tuesday, 25 August 2015, which is exactly four months since the first earthquake that hit Nepal and killed over 9000 people in its wake.

Kuriki would be taking a helicopter from Katmandu and attempt to reach the summit by mid-September 2015, though it would not be an easy climb as autumn is considered a difficult time to climb Everest. But not looking at all the difficulties, Kuriki still wants to make this journey so as to reassure trekkers and bring them back to the mountain.

He had earlier told reporters :

“The main purpose of my climb is to spread the message that Nepal was safe for climbers and trekkers even after the earthquake.”

This will be his fifth attempt at Mt. Everest. All his previous bids to reach Everest’s peak have been unsuccessful. He made his last attempt in 2012 when he had lost nine of his ten fingers to frostbite.

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