10 Of The Most Intelligent Dog Breeds In The World

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10:00 am 18 Oct, 2015

Dogs are smart in different ways. In general, all dogs are smart by instinct. Finding a new level of intelligence is a different task which involves how the dogs are trained and how quickly they respond and get adapted in their surroundings. A dog is declared to be intelligent only after studying its responsiveness to commands, like if it is able to comprehend them quickly and how it reacts after that. These, therefore, have been found to be the ten most intelligent dog breeds in the world.

10. Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dog is an intelligent and energetic breed and has an independent streak. Being herding dogs, they respond brilliantly to structured training especially if they are extremely enthusiastic and challenging. Australian Cattle Dogs excel in obedience competitions and enjoy challenges.


9. Rottweiler

Though known as one of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world, Rottweilers are gentle towards family members. They have proved their intelligence, strength and bravery in various situations. This breed often serves as therapy dog, service dog, herder and even police or intelligence dog.


8. Papillon

Papillon is a very brilliant and self-assured dog that spends most of its time learning new tricks. The breed is classified as watchdogs because, despite their size, they alert their own owners at the slightest disturbance in home surroundings.


7. Labrador Retrievers

Apart from excelling in the canine sport of dock jumping, Labrador Retrievers were the dogs that were put to use in water resources and various therapy works. For more than 20 years, Labs have been used as assistance dogs by police and intelligence department.


6. Shetland Sheepdog

Often known as ‘Sheltie’, this breed is exceptionally attentive, responsive and smart; sensitivity is their hallmark. Apart from being soft-footed runners and graceful jumpers, Shelties excel in herding.


5. Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman Pinscher has always ranked among the most intelligent dog breeds in experimental studies and expert evaluations. This breed has perfect combination of intelligence, strength, speed, endurance, loyalty and ferocity.


4. Golden Retrievers

This breed possesses the special quality of pleasing their owners and getting the work done. However, being hunting champions, these dogs are very useful in search and rescue operations during natural disasters and also sniffing bombs at airports.


3. German Shepherd

This breed is preferred military and guard dog in many countries. A German Shepherd has always been the backbone of terror or search-and-rescue operations in police departments. It is one of the most courageous and protective dog breeds.


2. Poodle

Don’t go by their fashionista looks! Poodle is an exceptionally brilliant and active breed that played an amazing role before the invention of guns. This German breed carried out tasks like crossing the battlefield and bringing supplies to the wounded and other such acts that require intelligence.


1. Border Collie

This is the most valuable dog breed in the world, which is prized for its intelligence and working ability. This breed can think independently and has a problem solving intelligence level, making it the most intelligent breed in the world. Chaser, a Border Collie, is an example of this breed’s intelligence. Chaser can identify 1,022 toys by name.



Note: The rankings are based on valid descriptions and opinions of experts and various measurements of canine intelligence which were taken using different methods and patterns.

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